Light Up The Block With This Pumpkin Décor Inspo

October 25, 2022

Pumpkin carving is a lasting fall tradition in Canada, and for good reason. For all ages, decorating pumpkins is a fun and timeless tradition to get into the spooky season spirit. As it grows darker this fall, lighting up a personalized pumpkin adds a heart-warming glow to your home or neighbourhood. With the right inspiration, pumpkins can also be a stylish addition to your household’s seasonal décor. To bring an elegant and rustic touch to your home this autumn, we present to you five trending tips on stylizing your pumpkin. —Julia Dumbrell

For a simple lantern-like effect, consider using a drill to create consistent holes along your pumpkin. Getting creative with these dots and drilling holes of different sizes, this style gives the effect of a seasonal, spooky lantern.What you’ll need: A drill, with various drill bit sizes for different effects

Go stemless and open your pumpkin up by carving a large space from the top of the gourd. Carving a zigzag design along the top will give the pumpkin an open feel, allowing more light to project. Your neighbours will appreciate this pumpkin effect on a dark October evening. What you’ll need: A carving tool for the pumpkin’s top

The trend of painting a pumpkin is one of our favourites this Halloween, offering a chic touch to your gourd with no carving necessary! Using your favourite acrylic paints, it’s simple to transform a classic pumpkin into a trendy piece. Colours like white, pink and beige brighten up the pumpkin’s orange skin, giving the final product a modern effect. What you’ll need: Acrylic paint, paintbrush and palette

With the bright fall foliage and fresh flowers in season this fall, creating a pumpkin planter is a beautiful use for your gourd. By simply carving a large enough space from the top of the pumpkin, the centrepiece rings in fall with an authentic look. What you’ll need: A carving tool for the pumpkin’s top, flowers for arrangement

For expert carvers, keep it elegant and rustic by carving only the outer layer of your gourd’s skin. Using a precise, sharp tool like a box cutter allows you to focus on the pumpkin’s outer layer without puncturing it, carving more precise and intricate designs. The final creation will give off a subtle, warm glow in your home. What you’ll need: Box cutter, or a similar precise, sharp tool


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