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Furniture Co Burrow Launches In Canada

November 2, 2022

Global supply chains were heavily impacted during the pandemic, and now many of us are resigned to months-long waits for furniture deliveries—that is, when we can find the right colour or style for sale at all.

For a change, a new brand to Canada is offering “fast and free” shipping for those of us too impatient to wait weeks or more for a new couch. Burrow, an American direct-to-consumer furniture company, recently opened a new warehouse in the Greater Toronto Area.

“When we launched our first modular sofa in the U.S. in 2017, our goal was to alleviate all the typical pain points around the furniture-shopping experience,” says Stephen Kuhl, the company’s CEO and co-founder, via email. “Therefore, we set out to create a product that was intuitive, simple to assemble and disassemble, functional, and customizable.” That same approach has been applied to each subsequent sofa design, and to other furniture categories as the company has broadened its offerings to include wall shelves, coffee tables and more.

There’s a focus on versatile furnishings that can work in a variety of spaces. “Our entire design process is driven by extensive customer research and feedback so we can engineer sofas that are comfortable, convenient, and able to grow with peoples’ needs overtime—especially as they evolve from their first high-rise condo in the city to a family house in the suburbs,” says Kuhl.

Burrow currently offers four seating collections: Nomad, Range, Field and Union. The styles range from mid-century inspired to contemporary, and each item offers a multitude of customization options. Turns out, the same couch can look remarkably different when you go for a different colour, fabric, leg or even arm shape.

Plus, despite all the choices available, you could receive your Burrow order in a matter of days. The website clearly notes delivery speeds for each model, and the company offers free shipping across Canada for all orders.

The final—big—selling point? The company’s furniture is designed for easy assembly, once you receive the shipment. A couch, for example, might take less than 30 minutes for one person to put together, excluding the time spent collapsing the cardboard shipping boxes.“

Our modular designs not only fit a variety of living space sizes and lifestyle needs, but they also come together easily with no additional tools, meaning less time spent frustrated with assembly instructions and more time enjoying everything your furniture has to offer,” says Kuhl. —Truc Nguyen



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