The Vancouver Etsy Co. Holiday Market Is Coming To Town!

November 9, 2022

A merry market is happening early this holiday season, to help Vancouverites get their shopping done and dusted! Popping up at the Pipe Shop Venue in North Vancouver November 12 and 13 from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m., the Vancouver Etsy Co. Holiday Market features nearly 100 vendors offering local gifts to suit every name on your list. We chatted with Vancouver Etsy Co. team lead Valerie Braacx to learn more ahead of the event. —Vita Daily

It’s interesting, because being an online company, one of Etsy’s strengths is its potential for global reach. The Vancouver Etsy Co., by contrast, is decidedly local and embedded in a local context. Is this a contradiction, or perfectly natural?

I think it’s quite possible for an organization like Etsy to have strengths booth globally and locally. Of course one of it’s major benefits is it’s global reach (I have sent scarves all over the world) but they have also know it is key to empower sellers through with opportunities and resources. They have been able to do so in Vancouver through Etsy Teams. I am the (volunteer) captain of the Vancouver Etsy Co., the Vancouver-based team. Since 2017, the team has worked with Etsy to provide resources and share knowledge locally.

How are sellers chosen for participation in the Holiday Pop Up?

Within our application, there are a few things that we consider when selecting sellers: originality and accessibility, craftsmanship, branding, product images, social media presence, maker community involvement, positive community voice.

Your website pitches your market as being “not your grandma’s craft fair.” How so? Our grandma was a very creative lady!

Haha, I guess you can say that craft fairs have come a long way since the days of our grandma. With the opportunities that we have today, accessing specialized items such as tools and materials, packaging and of course the Internet, we have seen a huge growth in the number of people deciding to create and sell, as well as a widening of products available. We have everything from customizable neon signs to on-the-go pour coffee filters to artisanal soda.

Besides holiday celebration, is the event organized around any kind of specific theme or idea?

Going forward, we are exploring different themes for our markets, including a maker supply market in the spring specifically for our sellers to sell any extra crafting materials and making it available to the public.

If you could share one shopping tip with our readers what would it be? Help us navigate!

Plan your shopping list early so when you go, you are ready! We are releasing a lookbook a couple weeks prior to the market to give shoppers an opportunity to learn more about our sellers before meeting them in person (also with links to their online shops!)


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