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How One Superstar Ingredient Is Changing The Skincare Game

November 10, 2022

If you didn’t realize October 14 was special, you’re forgiven; after all, 2022 marked the very first annual National Squalane Day in Canada, championed by beauty brand Biossance. Meant to laud not only the amazing power of superstar squalane, the occasion was also an opportunity to understand how the use of sustainable-yet-efficacious ingredients can lead the way to a brighter future.

If you aren’t already familiar, Biossance uses squalane as the heart of every one of its formulas. What makes squalane so impressive is the molecule’s ability to weightlessly absorb into the skin and provide hydration, because it is bioidentical in composition to the moisture that naturally occurs in human skin.

Not only that, this powerhouse ingredient represents a larger shift in the beauty industry toward more ethical and earth-friendly practices. For generations, beauty products often contained squalene derived from shark livers, killing millions of sharks each year. Today, through this plant-derived alternative, Biossance’s use of squalane saves almost 2 million sharks per year. Biossance also continues to pay it forward by selling its squalane back to its competitors, so we can all move forward to a more ethical, sustainable future for skin care.

Among our favourite squalane-infused products from Biossance are its 100% Squalane Oil (use it head to toe!), smoothing and brightening Squalane + Vitamin C Rose Oil, rich and plumping Squalane + Omega Repair Cream, and fine line-diminishing Squalane + Marine Algae Eye Cream. Also, this month, be on the lookout for Biossance’s latest launch, Squalane + Retinol Night Serum—a retinol plus retinal time-release formula that works even on sensitive skin thanks, in part, to squalane. Talk about a skin superstar! —Noa Nichol


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