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Uplevel Your Energy With Kundalini Yoga 

November 15, 2022

Kundalini yoga is a powerful practice that helps to move stuck and stagnant energy and balance our body’s energy centres. There’s a reason why the core teachings of Kundalini are found in so many popular teachings these days–like Wim Hof, Dr. Joe Dispenza and anyone who teaches energy medicine–Kundalini is a powerful way to support the shifts we want to see in our lives. Many practitioners will tell you that Kundalini yoga can help us condition ourselves toward being more open, loving, energetic, and vibrant … after taking a 30 Day Kundalini challenge recently, I’ve found this to be true! If you’d like to explore Kundalini for yourself, here are five ways to start.

A popular Vancouver-based Kundalini yoga teacher (and chef!), Marika Richoz teaches in studios around the city as well as offering her 30 Day Kundalini Program online, almost monthly. In this program, you’ll be taught live at 6:30am PT every morning, which is a pretty energizing way to start the day (replays available). Marika’s program is a beautiful way to experience how 30 days of a regular Kundalini practice can impact your body and life and is currently available at a discount inside The Collective Shift. Learn more on her website and Instagram

As the Founder at Manipura Yoga College, based on Vancouver Island, Jay Suttonbrown

is an internationally renowned Kundalini teacher and teacher trainer. Her passion is to help students cultivate authenticity in their experience, via stepping out of life-draining habits and into personal empowerment. You can experience Jay’s teaching live at her college or via her monthly online classes or 40-day meditation challenge. Learn more on her website and Facebook.

Based in Toronto, but offering classes and challenges primarily online, the Lotus Yoga Center offers an accessible set of options for people who want to learn Kundalini, along with breathwork, soundbaths, and meditation. As they say, mantras are much more than making sounds, and you’ll learn all about the essentials of starting a Kundalini practice when you sign up for their classes. Learn more on their website and Instagram.

A yogi and mystic, Jai Dev is one of the world’s leading teachers offering Kundalini yoga classes and retreats. In his words, “Here’s the thing…it is the birthright of every person to activate their radiance. But the reality is…it takes work. It takes effort, it takes grit, and it takes real commitment.So true. Based in California, Dev offers a variety of self-guided online classes and modules so that you can learn to create a Kundalini yoga practice for yourself at home. I’ve heard great things about his programs. Learn more on his website or Instagram.

A super-popular online sensation, duo Britt & Tara of Elevate the Globe offer a very user-friendly approach to Kundalini, with their mission to make you feel your best. They have a bunch of free classes and meditations you can try out, along with their popular DIY class, Intro to Kundalini, which also shares about the history of Kundalini, how to do the mudras, what the mantras mean, and why they themselves got hooked on Kundalini. These two are awesome. Learn more on their website and Instagram.  

Founder of Be Naturally Fit, Vancouver-based Rebecca Johnston teaches Kundalini yoga primarily via her online studio, though you can sometimes find her teaching on the beach. She’s also a perimenopause health expert, and brings a holistic, some say magical, approach to her classes. You can experience her Kundalini classes by signing up online. Learn more about Rebecca on her website and Instagram.

Learning to be the source of our own energy is life-changing, and Kundalini is one of the beautiful tools available to support us in becoming more energetically empowered. For anyone who wants to shift into living your Highest life, join me inside The Collective Shift for three months of energy and life shifting experiences and workshops, including Kundalini yoga, of course! –Monika Krake, breathwork facilitator and founder of Head + Heart


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