The Best Way To Take Your Vitamins? Beans!

November 16, 2022

Want to add some fun and colour to your daily health and lifestyle routine? We’re about to spill the beans!

Nature’s Bounty has launched VitaBeans in Canada—a first of its kind in the vitamin and supplement category. Packed with wellness, VitaBeans have a crunchy and delicious outer shell and soft chewy interior. With a delicious fruity flavour, they’re a fun and tasty way to take your supplements!

“Our VitaBeans range from products that can help you catch up on sleep, support your immune system, boost your energy, support your natural beauty … to products that help you with overall wellness. Plus, they are non-GMO, vegetarian and gelatin free,” says Oishee Mondal, marketing manager for Nature’s Bounty.

Simply pick the VitaBeans that align with your needs (mixed-berry flavour sleep, with melatonin to help reset the body’s sleep wake cycle; strawberry-lemonade multi, packed with essential vitamins, zinc and iodine; orange-flavoured immune, with antioxidants from vitamins C D as well as zinc; sweet cherry-flavoured energy, with B12; and mixed-berry or watermelon hair, skin & nails, with vitamins A, C and E, biotin and keratin) and add fun, joy and colour to your daily health routine. —Vita Daily


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