Pinterest TV Has Launched In Canada

November 25, 2022

Pinterest TV has launched in Canada! Pinterest TV first debuted in the U.S. last year and currently has over 2 million minutes of livestream watchtime and over 900 creators and brands have gone live. The Canadian launch of this live and interactive shopping platform went live with original content called Shop the Holidays featuring 60 Canadian and international brands. We chatted with Madison Schill, executive producer of live shopping, to learn more. —Vita Daily

Hi Madison, please tell us a bit about yourself to start!

Hi there! My name is Madison, and for the past 15 years I’ve been working with brands of all kinds in an effort to better bridge the gap between impactful, personal experiences and the convenience technology can afford us. I’ve lived all over the world, but for the past five years have been at the forefront of the live commerce space in the western world. Some of this work has won awards and set records, but we are very much still at the beginning of what is possible. My passion, and what is uniquely possible here at Pinterest, is about connecting the dots between inspired creation and realization; making shopping, and the discovery that comes with that, fun again! 

Pinterest TV has launched in Canada; what is it, who is it for, and how does it work? Why the launch now?

Pinterest TV is for anyone looking to be inspired to try or buy something new. To access Pinterest TV, you click on the TV icon in the upper left corner of the Pinterest app to view live or past episodes. During live episodes, you can interact with hosts, ask questions and shop the products you love. After successfully debuting in the US last year, we were excited to bring Pinterest TV to Canadian audiences as well. 

How are live shopping, shopping experts and creators making the shopping experience more interactive and enjoyable on Pinterest TV?

We are working with Pinterest creators, or what we call Key Opinion Sellers, to connect personalities with brands. The creators bring products, recipes and tutorials to life by engaging with Pinners watching the episodes. During live episodes, the creators can answer questions, interact with viewers and share more details about the products. 

Who are some of the first creators to be featured on Pinterest TV in Canada? How will creators be chosen going forward?

At Pinterest, I’m excited to be working with a new cohort of creators that we’re calling “key opinion sellers”those who truly live by inspired curation, and who love to hunt out the best of the best for their communities, big or small. You may have even noticed a few hosting their own weekly shows; Caroline Mathis (who hosted this Pinterest TV episode), for instance, is leading the charge in tablescape trends and more. Additionally, our host ZEE, is sharing the art of holiday gifting this year. Stay tuned for more about this, but we’re excited about what this means for shopping on Pinterest. 

Is there an “exclusivity” factor to Pinterest TV? How about interactivity?

Pinterest TV is currently available to Pinners in the US and Canada. Pinterest TV is very interactive, especially during live episodes. During live episodes, Pinners can “like” content, use the live chat function to ask questions, access exclusive product drops and special pricing, and shop during the show. Shopping hosts answer questions live so whether you want more details on how to use a product or just want to say ‘hi’, the hosts are ready to connect with Pinners tuning in. 

How do we access/use Pinterest TV?

To access Pinterest TV, you click on the TV icon in the upper left corner of the Pinterest app to view live or past episodes. During live episodes, you can interact with hosts, ask questions and shop the products you love.

What does the future of shopping look like at Pinterest?

We want all of Pinterest to be shoppable, to help Pinners find the right thing, at the right time, in a way that only enhances your discovery and inspired experience. Live Shopping is just one of those ways we’re looking to continue building the experience on the platform. 

What’s on your Pinterest TV shopping list?!

Last week, I picked up so many products during our “Shop the Holidays” event that I checked off virtually everyone on my holiday gift list this yearand then some! What I love is not only the convenience of shopping on Pinterest, but the ease I feel knowing that our curations offered the best value to Pinners, from some of the brands they know and love. Last week, I picked up a few gifts from Three Ships Beauty for the skincare lovers, grabbed a new sheet set from Abode, and of course, replenished a few surprises from Fable, who gave Pinners early access to Black Friday deals before they sold out. I’ve also enjoyed watching the content these brands are creating on the platform, and had a shopping list all ready to go before they went live. It truly was a seamless experience. We had so much fun!


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