Root Of The Matter

November 29, 2022

We’ve got pro tips from Clairol’s Carin Freidag on holiday hair-colour touch-ups. —Noa Nichol

Hi Carin! Today we’re talking about root touch ups. What products does Clairol offer in this category (we count at least four online, from a permanent product to a powder to a gel and a spray!)? What are the differences between them in terms of who and what they’re for, and how do they work?

Yes indeed! Clairol offers a range of products to address every person’s root needs. Our permanent products include creams in a wide range of shades and tones, designed to match top-selling competitor shades. These are good for up to 100 per cent grey hair and those who use colour to lighten their hair, as well as current at-home or in-salon permanent colourers. Applied with a brush, these permanent creams take just 10 minutes to restore colour and provide 100 per cent grey coverage. Next is Permanent by Natural Instinct, designed to match the top-selling natural gray coverage shades and perfect for people with up to 100 per cent grey hair and permanent colour users who don’t want to use a colour with ammonia. Also applied with a brush, Permanent by Natural Instinct covers grey without ammonia in 20 minutes. Semi-permanently speaking, our colour blending gel, in three browns, one black, one red and one blonde, is designed to match natural hair colour. It’s best for those with what we call first greys (up to 30 per cent), who are concerned with damage and nervous to use permanent product. It’s a simple squeeze tube with a brush—no mixing, no ammonia—and it blends away greys and lasts 10-plus shampoos. Finally, we have our temporary products: a colour refreshing spray and a powder, both designed to match natural hair, both suited to those who colour their hair at home or in the salon, and both lasting one shampoo. The spray provides instant on-the-go coverage and the powder, applied with a precision brush, instantly covers roots—and can also define your eyebrows!

Do you have some pro/expert tips for usage around root touch-up products of different kinds?

My top tips: when you are about to apply either a permanent or semi-permanent product, do an allergy test 48 hours before you colour; no matter which type of root touch up you are using, start by styling your hair as you usually wear it; and start your application where you are greyest, and then go from there. If you wear your hair up, say, to a holiday party, don’t forget to apply all the way around the hairline or wherever you would, and then have a part line if your hair is half up. Remember: the temporary root touch-up products are water resistant, which means they need a shampoo to be removed. And finally, if you know you have very stubborn greys, you can leave both the permanent and the semi-permanent on an extra 10 minutes. If you have a lot of grey on your temples and hairline and want to use a temporary root touch up, try the powder, which comes with a precision brush and a mirror in the case. Don’t forget about your eyebrows!

As we enter holiday party season, why are root touch-up products a festive lifesaver?

The hustle and bustle of the season can often time mean less time focused on you! Root touch up is great for looking great at the last minute for a gathering or party. Ifyou wash your hair frequently or have no time to spend at the salon, then either of the permanent root products will get you through three weeks without seeing those pesky grays. And, if you don’t colour your hair yet but want to cover those first greys coming through, all of these options can be used to spot colour. If you are a bit hesitant, start with the temporary versions.


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