Elevate Your Holiday Cocktails With These Seasonal Touches

December 6, 2022

’Tis the season to be merry, and enjoy the luxury of crafting a holiday cocktail at home. Whether it be a garnish or dash of sweet syrup, adding a little extra something to your cocktail is a festive opportunity to elevate your drink and make holiday gatherings all the more memorable. To set the mood for this year’s holiday celebrations, add flare to your favourite cocktails with these seasonal touches. —Julia Dumbrell

An Apple Cider Mimosa is a festive take on the classic mimosa, offering bright flavours and a comforting sip to start Christmas morning off strong. Line the rim of your flute with sugar and cinnamon for a special kick, then fill with warm apple cider and champagne.

Classy is made simple with a two-ingredient Grand Royal cocktail. In a champagne flute, start with a splash of Grand Marnier for citrusy notes, then top with champagne. Garnishing your Grand Royal with an orange twirl is a quick step to make the drink feel ceremonious.

Spike your eggnog with your liquor of choice—whether it be brandy, bourbon or rum. By stirring in and garnishing your mug with freshly grated nutmeg, your nog will be taken to the next level.

With a Mulled Wine that’s sure to impress, the secret is in the spices. In addition to your red wine, brandy and oranges, add cloves, star anise, cardamom and whole cinnamon sticks for a cosy and comforting mug of wine.

An old-fashioned and savoury cocktail, this could be the year you make Hot Buttered Rum the family’s new favourite. Dissolve sugar in hot water, then add rum and unsalted butter for a decadent and classic mug of holiday spirit.

Transform the year’s most iconic cocktail into a festive favourite with a few Espresso Martini additions. Starting with the cocktail base of kahlua, vodka and espresso, try adding cinnamon or gingerbread syrup to your martini. With a kick of caffeine, the drink is a perfect pairing with cookie baking or gingerbread house decorating.

Your Holiday Gin and Soda could be the hit of the holiday party! Pour gin over ice and add soda water, cranberries and fresh rosemary to a balloon glass. The extra garnishes offer an aromatic impact, elevating this classic drink with a refreshing holiday charm.


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