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2023 Wellness Retreats To Support Personal Transformation

February 1, 2023

This is a big year of recalibration. Many are saying that 2023 is about meeting and letting go of the deeper layers, so we can truly expand. If you’re on a transformation journey–and who isn’t?–an immersive wellness retreat can be one of the best ways to align back to your inner compass. Here are the 2023 wellness retreats that we’d most like to book!

Tofino Spa Yoga Retreat with Carolyn Anne Budgell, April 20-23: A retreat for all of your senses, this experience offers meditation, spa yoga, kundalini yoga, delicious food and additional activities to help you recalibrate as you emerge from winter. Carolyn will be sharing all things mindfulness and spa yoga, while Marika offers nutritious meals and a Kundalini practice. 

Sunshine Coast Retreat with Jenn Field & Dr. Diana Lu, April 21-23 or September 15-18: Designed for spiritual entrepreneurs, Jenn Field and Dr. Diana Liu invite you to breathe, move, feast, share and explore your inner and outer terrain together. This locally-catered retreat in Halfmoon Haven, Sunshine Coast, B.C., includes land-based learning, breathwork journeys, daily yoga, the use of indoor and outdoor spas, and oceanside accommodations.

Nashville Meditation Retreat with Dr. Joe Dispenza, April 17-23: An opportunity to go on a deep inward journey into the quantum field, this Nashville experience is designed to challenge you to master your life. During this seven-day event, you’ll learn to get beyond yourself and connect to the boundless, life-giving source of energy. As you step into a new model of quantum consciousness, you will learn to deepen your understanding of how your own mind can create a new reality. These retreats are called life-changing by many!

Oregon Yoga, Breathwork & Meditation Retreat with Tai Hubbert, August 10-13: An opportunity to pause from the demands and routines of everyday life–and reconnect to what is most essential and alive within you. Through the practices of yoga, meditation and breathwork, and with the essential medicine of being in community and in nature, this experience in St. Helens is designed to fill your cup in all the ways. 

Breathwork + Ancestral Healing Retreat with Ariana Fotinakis, September 22-27: This Cortes Island, B.C., retreat with Ariana weaves together daily conscious connected breathwork ceremonies with creative, land-based practices and time for rest and relaxation–to relax your mind, open your heart, nourish your body and strengthen your spirit. The decolonial journey will also be explored.

Soul Reconnection Retreat to Panama with Aln Within, May 22-28: Join Ashley Wood from Aln Within on an adventure deep into the Panamanian jungle to explore and alchemize your soul’s connection to the body and your heart’s connection to the natural rhythms of Mother Earth. Includes group Akashic readings, energy healing, yoga, Cacao ceremony, yoga, local cultural experiences and deep soul reconnection. 

Not quite ready to book a retreat but do want the benefits of wellness practices like breathwork, Kundalini yoga, and quantum healing? Here’s a great article on how to start a breathwork practice, here’s a beautiful new moon meditation for grounding and manifesting, and here are a few recommended energy healers you can work with from home. 

Written by Monica Krake, certified Breathwork Practitioner and founder of Head + Heart. Monica helps businesses get clear on their mission and bring it to life in the most aligned way via breathwork + spiritual website creation


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