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The Basics Our Team Can’t Live Without: Jenn Cox

February 2, 2023

We all have those certain items—in our closets, on our shoe racks, in our beauty cabinets and throughout our home—that we simply can’t imagine living without. From wardrobe staples to beauty products, home décor pieces and even appliances, we’re asking members of the VITA team to tell us: what are the things in your life that, once worn out, you’d replace in a heartbeat? —Vita Daily

Jennifer Cox, writer, VITA: “I wouldn’t consider myself a high-maintenance girl. In fact, until I hit my 40s, my beauty regimen involved washing my face with Johnson & Johnson face wash, dabbing at any blemishes with toothpaste, and calling it a day. But with age my hair has started slowly greying (which means more blonde highlights!) my skin has taken on a life of its own, and there are certain products that I’ve tried and loved because they a) help me combat the signs of aging and b) they work well with my busy mom/mompreneur lifestyle. First, I love AG Care Firewall spray ($28) before using my flatiron—it protects my hair from heat damage and is super lightweight, leaving my hair looking super smooth and healthy. Then, after styling, I like a quick spray of Amika’s Top Gloss Shine Spray ($40, available at Sephora Canada) – not only does it make my locks look super glossy but I’m completely in love with the way it smells (admittedly, I sometimes spray it on quickly before bed just for the scent!). My skin gets dry and always needs a good exfoliation, and I’ve been a huge fan of the St. Ives Apricot Scrub for years ($8, available on Amazon)—it’s gentle enough for daily use but also works its magic and leaves behind soft, silky skin. To keep my chapped lips in check, especially in winter (in Montreal, no less) I turn to Burt’s Bees lip balm—I especially love their vanilla bean flavour ($7), which smells so yummy and has both shea butter and vitamin E to combat dryness. To help with my growing crow’s feet (I prefer to call them laugh lines), there’s the Lift Integral Eye Care from Lierac ($75, sold here)—it lets this busy mama look less tired and brightens things up around my eyes.  Finally, I absolutely adore the line of amazing nail polishes from BKIND because they’re everything: they are long-lasting, they don’t contain chemicals, and the colours are gorgeous ($16).”


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