4 Swoon-Worthy Watches With Roku

February 6, 2023

Cupid is working overtime this month, and we can see that they’ve left their mark on our favourite streaming services, like Roku, with more and more romance-themed recommendations popping up. Featuring 150,000-plus TV episodes and movies, Roku has got you covered for swoon-worthy content! Simply pair a glass of bubbly, and chocolate-covered strawberries, for the ultimate movie night! From romance to rom-com to feel-good flicks, you can watch all of these films and more on any Roku device, including the Roku Ultra ($130), offering cinematic streaming with Dolby Atmos audio. —Vita Daily

  1. Meet Me In Paris: a Roku Original film (February 10): Brought to you by Reese Witherspoon’s Hello Sunshine, this brand-new Roku Original is the first-of-its-kind rom-com reality movie. Meet Me in Pairs, follows three real women headed to the City of Love, where they’re chasing after love just like in the movies. The women make their way around Paris meeting men, going on dates, and searching for l’amour vrai along the way. They might be living life like it’s a movie, but they’re writing their own endings in this heart-warming Roku Original.
  2. The Notebook: In South Carolina in the 1940s, mill worker Noah (Ryan Gosling) falls desperately in love with Allie (Rachel McAdams), a girl from a rich family who does not approve. When Noah leaves to serve in World War II, it seems to mark the end of their love affair, and Allie moves on falling for another man. But when Noah returns years later, it’s clear to both of them that their romance is far from over.
  3. Monster In Law: Charlotte (Jennifer Lopez) finds herself instantly smitten when she meets Kevin, a handsome doctor—so when he pops the question after they start dating, she accepts. Soon, she realizes that Kevin’s mom, Viola (Jane Fonda), is not so thrilled to have a new family member. Having recently lost her job, Viola feels extra attached to Kevin, and views Charlotte as the competition. Now, she’ll stop at nothing to get her son to call off his wedding.
  4. Bewitched: Movie star Jack Wyatt’s career is going downhill when he catches his big break—the chance to play Darrin in a movie version of the 1960s sitcom “Bewitched”. When Jack insists that someone unknown is hired to play Samantha, the charming witch/housewife, the studio casts beautiful Isabel Bigelow—not realizing that she is, in fact, a real witch. As Jack and Isabel grow closer, magic is in the air, but can Jack cope with the truth?


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