B.C. Daters Prefer Coffee Shops

February 6, 2023

Love is brewing at coffee shops from coast-to-coast! A new survey commissioned by Starbucks Canada reveals that cafés/coffee shops are B.C.’s preferred spot for a first date (40 per cent), widely outpacing restaurants (21 per cent), parks (20 per cent), bars (11 per cent) and other common date venues.

First dates can be awkward, but finding the right setting can help break the ice. Among British Columbians who prefer coffee shops for a first date, over three-quarters (86 per cent) believe they are the perfect first-date venue because they offer a casual, comfortable environment. Almost three-quarters of this group stated that cafés provide an excellent setting to chat and get to know someone (70 per cent). Plus, when vetting prospective love, British Columbians pay close attention to their dates’ beverages of choice. Almost one-third of survey respondents (29 per cent) believe you can tell a lot about a person based on their coffee order. Anyone looking to impress their coffee date should order a latte or cappuccino, as British Columbians (13 per cent) consider the drink order to be the most attractive followed closely by a strong black coffee (10 per cent). Additional Survey Findings:

  • Cold feet? Canadian Gen Zs aren’t keen to commit, with 70 per cent claiming they prefer a coffee shop to a restaurant because it’s less of a commitment.
  • What’s your order? Canadian Gen Zs are the generation that believe most that someone’s coffee order says a lot about them (35 per cent)
  • Dry dating anyone? More than one quarter (28 per cent) of Canadians that prefer a coffee shop for a first date claim it’s because it doesn’t involve alcohol.
  • I like you a latte: Quebec residents are more attracted to latte and cappuccino drinkers than any other province.

Finally, to provide some first-date inspiration, Starbucks is sharing the most romantic store locations across Canada: Victoria Harbour Starbucks, Victoria, B.C., is located in a beautiful, waterfront heritage building, offering ocean views and easy access to the historic downtown centre for a post-coffee stroll; and Starbucks Grouse Mountain Resort, Vancouver, is located at the base of Grouse Mountain so you can trek up the Grouse Grind and then cool down with a refreshing cold brew. —Vita Daily


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