5 Ways To Spice Up This Valentine’s Day

February 14, 2023

For us, Valentine’s is all about getting spicy, but we’re thinking beyond the bedroom and focusing on turning up the heat in another room, the kitchen specifically. This Valentine’s Day we’re droppin’ it like it’s hot by sharing our love of some of our fave spicy scents, treats and sips available in Vancouver. —Vicki Duong

smoke show. Ideal for gifting those new to adding heat to their food, the Smoke Show Starter Pack ($60) features five different sauces with mild to medium spice levels. Made with jalapeños, this bundle has an aioli, bbq, ranch, dijonnaise and Smoke Show’s signature hot sauce which features a hint of Canadian maple syrup. Whether added to our sandos or as a dipping sauce or marinade this set has us feeling like Beyonce, we’ve got hot sauce in our bag.

sons of vancouver. Add a kick to your cocktail by swapping out your vodka for chili-infused vodka ($40) from Sons of Vancouver Distillery. Made with bird’s eye chilies, this spirit is made for those with adventurous taste buds. The bright orange liquor tastes great on its own as a sipping vodka or mixed with juice (pineapple is our choice pick!) for a mix of spicy and sweet.

mala the brand x brunette the label. The perfect gift for those who love spicy scents but perhaps not spicy flavours, this Cinnamon Hearts candle ($40) fills your home with the sweet aroma of your favourite V-day treat. Made in collaboration with Brunette the Label, this Mala the Brand candle features their signature coconut and soy wax blend while a wooden wick mimics the sounds of a crackling fire. How romantic.

tacofino. When it comes to casual West Coast eats, Tacofino is a local favourite but it’s not just their tacos and burritos that is a must-try. Their Diablo cookie is a delicious indulgence of chocolate, chili and sugar with the right amount of gooey comfort. Not on the West Coast? Worry not, Tacofino knows the best things are meant to be shared with this signature recipe available online.

tabachoy provisions. Looking to shake things up with some fire without changing the texture of your fave foods? With Tabachoy Provisions Hot Shake ($10) you can turn up the heat on your fave snacks without adding moisture. A little goes a long way and we love this shaker on popcorn, fries and other snacks in need of some spice without losing its crunch.


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