KD Admits “Fork Up” To 13 Million Canadians

March 6, 2023

Do you eat your mac and cheese with a spoon or a fork? Debates have raged online and a new survey reveals that 80 per cent of Canadians eat KD, and nearly half (43 per cent) of them eat it with a spoon!

But if you’re among the estimated 13 million Spoon Eaters, you’ve been wronged for decades. On KD’s boxes, in its commercials and basically everywhere, these cheesy noodles have always been served with a fork. But that’s not how all noodleheads eat their KD—what a “fork up!” That’s why, today, new limited-edition Spoon KD launches. It’s the same bold and cheesy flavour with one important difference: the iconic blue box has a spoon instead of a fork. Because millions of Canadians prefer it scooped.

Spoon Eaters can now scoop up a box at grocery retailers nationwide. —Vita Daily


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