How To Match Coloured Mascara Tp Your Eye Colour

March 7, 2023

There are no hard and fast rules about which coloured mascaras go with which colour eyes, as ultimately it comes down to personal preference and the overall look you’re trying to achieve. However, here are some general guidelines. —Vita Daily

Blue Eyes: Blue eyes can look great with black or brown mascara, as well as navy, purple or even burgundy mascara. A deep blue mascara can also work well for a dramatic look.

Green Eyes: For green eyes, black or brown mascara is always a classic choice, but you can also try a deep green or a purple mascara to bring out the green in your eyes.

Brown Eyes: Brown eyes can pair well with black, brown or dark blue mascara. A deep plum or aubergine mascara can also add some dimension and make your eyes pop.

Hazel Eyes: Hazel eyes can look great with brown, black or dark green mascara. A gold or copper-coloured mascara can also add some warmth to hazel eyes.

Remember, makeup is all about experimentation and finding what works best for you. So, don’t be afraid to play around with different colors and see what you like best!


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