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5 Viral Cooking Trends To Try

March 9, 2023

Lockdown may be over, but we’re still into cooking alllll the viral recipes! Here are five to try (if you haven’t already)! —Vita Daily

Dalgona coffee: This whipped coffee trend went viral on TikTok and Instagram during the COVID-19 pandemic. To make it, you mix instant coffee, sugar, and hot water together, then whip it until it becomes a fluffy, frothy mixture. You can serve it over milk, hot or cold, for a delicious and Instagram-worthy treat.

Cloud bread: Cloud bread is a low-carb, gluten-free bread made with just three ingredients: eggs, sugar, and cornstarch. The eggs are separated, the yolks mixed with sugar, and the whites whipped until stiff peaks form. Then cornstarch is added and it’s baked into a fluffy bread-like texture. This trend gained popularity on TikTok for its whimsical appearance and unique texture.

Baked feta pasta: This trend originated in Finland and went viral on TikTok. It involves baking a block of feta cheese and cherry tomatoes in the oven until the cheese is soft and the tomatoes are bursting with flavour. Then you mix it with cooked pasta for a creamy, flavourful dish that’s easy to make and satisfying to eat.

Pancake cereal: This trend involves making tiny, bite-sized pancakes and serving them in a bowl with milk and syrup, like cereal. You can use a squeeze bottle or a piping bag to make the mini pancakes, and they’re great for a fun breakfast or snack.

Basque cheesecake: Basque cheesecake is a crustless cheesecake with a burnt, caramelized top that originated in the Basque region of Spain. This trend has gained popularity on TikTok and Instagram for its simple recipe and impressive appearance. The cheesecake is baked at a high temperature, which gives it a unique texture and flavour.


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