A Most Stylish Sip

March 15, 2023

An exciting new collaboration and the audacious meeting of two icons, Hennessy Cognac and world-renowned fashion designer, Kim Jones, is coming to liquor and shoe store shelves soon.

Jones, a prolific creative director and fashion designer, has joined forces with Hennessy to create a masterful limited-edition collection that features an X.O. Masterpiece decanter, a limited-edition bottle of X.O and, in a first for Hennessy, a collectible sneaker. The limited-edition bottle is encased in an aluminum second skin, its structure showcasing the signature shape of the bottle while evoking a couture silhouette. A true representation of the merger of fashion and culture with excellence and legacy. The HNY Low sneaker, inspired by early basketball shoes, is made of a light cognac-colored nubuck leather, a material that takes on the patina of time, a reference to the precious eaux-de-vie, and presented in an oak box that revisits the barrels used to age the eaux-de-vie, its wavy top echoing the plateau for the Hennessy X.O Masterpiece. And finally, produced using 3-D printing technology and finished by hand, the sculptural decanter has been produced in only 200 examples and demonstrates how humanity and technology can work together to create something unique, “like a piece of bespoke couture for a bottle”. Its twisting folds evoke both the couture technique of draping and the way in which, at the turn of the 20th century, Hennessy bottles were carefully hand-enveloped in tissue paper as a way of protecting their fragile parchment paper labels.

Call it a celebration of cognac and culture! —Vita Daily


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