Make A Wish For A New Diaper Genie (Win!)

March 23, 2023

When it comes to cult baby products, Diaper Genie is right at the top of the list. The brand is synonymous with “diaper pails” and is one of those “it” items that have a devoted group of enthusiastic followers. If it takes a village to raise a child, it also takes a village to sort through great baby products. Parents throughout the years have raved about Diaper Genie and continue to recommend it to expecting and new parents.

The Diaper Genie Signature Pail ($55) is the latest diaper pail in the Diaper Genie line, with thousands of positive reviews on Amazon written mostly by satisfied parents who have found Diaper Genie to be a baby care essential. The Signature Pail includes a foot pedal for hands-free operation, wide disposal opening and odour-locking clamps that help prevent odours from escaping. It comes with one new Easy Roll Refill and holds almost five months of diapers. The Easy Roll Refills are long lasting, easy to tear with a durable multi-layer film to help keep odours from escaping.

Talk about a parental wish come true! —Vita Daily

Win! A Diaper Genie Prize Pack!

Congrats Alexandra B. of Toronto, ON, who will receive a Diaper Genie Prize Pack, including Diaper Genie’s NEW Signature Pail & Angelcare 2-in-1 Baby Bath tub, total value: $119.99! Please note: if you are the winner, you will receive a DM (direct message) in Instagram directly from Please be wary of fake accounts, which often use similar handles with an extra or missing letter, number or symbol. We will never ask for a payment or for your credit card number, and we will never ask you to click through a link. If you are unsure whether you have been contacted, via Instagram, by us or a fake account, email us before responding.


  1. Caroline McKeown

    March 24th, 2023 at 11:35 am

    The diaper genie!

  2. Elaine G

    March 24th, 2023 at 5:21 pm

    Baby essentials are diapers, wipes, towels and clothes, diaper bag and family/friends to help 😉


  3. M. S. Thompson

    March 24th, 2023 at 5:52 pm

    Essentials: wipes, clothes, diaper bag, favourite snuggly toy @SThompson788

  4. Christina

    March 25th, 2023 at 5:55 am

    Baby essentials are diapers, clothes and bassinet @iochristina

  5. Anna Andre

    March 25th, 2023 at 6:04 am

    Baby essentials : diapers , wipes, bath tub, stroller, crib, cute baby clothes


  6. Sheldon Hummel

    March 25th, 2023 at 11:53 am

    other than the diaper genie….heated wipe warmer!! @arthurhummel33

  7. Melanie Camirand

    March 25th, 2023 at 5:46 pm


  8. wendy hutton

    March 26th, 2023 at 9:05 am

    wipes, diapers, diaper bag, diaper genie, onsies @wghutton

  9. Maureen Liz Beisel

    March 27th, 2023 at 6:50 pm

    Baby essentials are baby cream and wipes!

  10. Karlee Everist

    March 28th, 2023 at 7:35 pm

    100% the diaper genie is the essential I need!!!

  11. Bryce Everist

    March 31st, 2023 at 6:49 am

    I would absolutely love to have a diaper genie it would make life so much easier


  12. Karlee Everist

    March 31st, 2023 at 6:50 am

    100% the diaper genie is the essential I need!!!


  13. Tiesha Dorleans

    March 31st, 2023 at 9:12 pm

    Stroller @SweetTD93

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