Do You Know Your Dipstory?

March 27, 2023

Are you a dipper? Since the dawn of dip, pizza lovers have struggled to achieve the perfect coat of pizza dip. Now, Pizza Pizza introduces the Dip Roller—a once-in-a-generation innovation in dipping, helping you achieve an even dip, every time. Why a dip roller? Because two-thirds of dippers dip the whole slice and not just the crust. Want more fun pizza-dipping facts? Read on! —Vita Daily

  • Pizza Pizza launched Creamy Garlic and Marinara dips in the mid-90s. Both dips were intended to be served with, and for, pizza dipping. Within a year, the Creamy Garlic dip outsold the Marinara by a significant margin and has remained the top seller ever since.
  • Dipping sauce has increasingly become synonymous with Pizza Pizza. About 10 years ago, Pizza Pizza offered eight dips. Today, that’s grown to 14 dips for pizzas and savoury items, plus a Caramel Dip for the Funnel Cake Stix. Creamy Garlic is the most popular dipping sauce representing ⅔ of dips sold at Pizza Pizza; 25 per cent of all Pizza Pizza mentions on social media are around the Creamy Garlic dip.
  • Eight-six per cent of dippers say they dip their pizza at least sometimes, and 31 per cent say they always dip (whenever dipping sauce is available) . Among dippers, two-thirds dip the whole slice and not just the crust .
  • Seventy-five per cent of dippers consider dipping pizza “delicious”; 42 per cent say it’s “fun”; 26 per cent say it’s “essential”. Seventy-one per cent of dippers say dipping sauce is at least somewhat important to their choice when they’re deciding where to get pizza from.
  • Among Always Dippers, 48 per cent call it “very important” and 13 per cent call it “the most important factor”.



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