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5 DIY Birdhouses To Make With Your Kids

April 1, 2023

Making a birdhouse is a fun springtime project to do with kids. Luckily, it doesn’t require fancy materials or a store-bought kit. There are many types of old containers you could use to make a DIY birdhouse with your littles! Here are a few ideas.

  1. Milk cartons: Cut a hole in the side of a clean, empty milk carton and decorate the outside with paint or markers.
  2. Tin cans: Use a can opener to remove both ends of a clean, empty tin can, then decorate it with paint or stickers. Make sure to smooth down any sharp edges!
  3. Plastic bottles: Cut a hole in the side of a clean, empty plastic bottle, and decorate the outside with paint or markers.
  4. Tea or coffee tins: Clean out an old tea or coffee tin, remove the lid, and decorate it as desired.
  5. Shoeboxes: Cut a hole in one end of a clean shoebox and paint or decorate the outside.

Remember to add a perch or landing area for the birds to rest on and make sure to attach a way to hang the birdhouse securely. Also, make sure to choose a spot in your yard or garden that is safe for the birds and is away from predators like cats. —Vita Daily


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