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Baby Alpaca Makes This Knitwear Brand Special

April 5, 2023

A beautiful, new, local (to Vancouver) brand, Ahblo Knitwear, has landed, celebrating its launch with a collection of sweaters, vests, bandanas and more made from baby alpaca, which is perfect for our west coast climate. We chatted with founder and West Vancouver resident Raquel Grebler Quense to learn more. —Vita Daily

When and why did you launch Ahblo Knitwear? What niche were/are you aiming to fill?

I launched Ahblo Knitwear in October 2022 because my passion about natural material textiles led me to notice that we don’t know much about them and their properties. Garments made with natural materials are not only biodegradable, which helps with the big problem of waste in the fashion industry, but they have other incredible properties. For instance, alpaca fibre is one of the most sustainable fibers in part because of the low impact the alpacas have on their habitat. Educating consumers about these fantastic properties is something that I aim to do with Ahblo. On the other hand, Ahblo aims to fulfill the need for a new kind of Luxury. Luxury centred in materials with outstanding properties, like their softness, comfort and durability, that allow us at the same time to stay connected to Nature. Our designs are season-less, minimalist and versatile so that our pieces can be worn in our daily activities, in all seasons.

What products do you currently offer, and what makes them unique?

We offer knitwear pieces inspired in the West Coast lifestyle like oversized sweaters, mini ponchos and crop tops that are unisex but at the same time aim to make both men and women feel confident and attractive.

What makes baby alpaca the perfect material for Canadian climates?

Baby alpaca is one of those natural materials with astonishing properties. Because alpacas live in habitats that are 3,800 metres above the sea level, they are used to extreme high and low temperatures. Their fibre is an excellent insulator for both heat and cold making them an excellent material for Canadian climates.

Can you tell us more about your commitment to sustainability and slow fashion?

Our modus operandi is based on small drops of season-less pieces that are timeless and made to last for years.  We encourage our customers to share their knitwear and we would love to see these pieces passed down to younger generations.  Producing small quantities allows us to keep our stock low and we are committed to sustainability by using natural, sustainable materials that are Fair Trade certified. All our pieces are naturally dyed. Working with dyes derived from plants and minerals guarantees a minimal impact on the environment.

With spring fashion in mind, what pieces for your range will you be rocking this season?

Our oversized sweaters naturally dyed in yellow, blue or pink are perfect to be worn day and night. They can be combined with a silk dress or jeans. The silhouette they bring  is very casual and they give an effortless look to any outfit. Our crop tops are also stunning and ideal for spring because they keep you warm but at the same time provide a very glamorous touch.


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