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5 Ways To Stay Entertained By The Pool

April 10, 2023

We’re on holiday and, while the kids swim, are taking some much-needed TLC time by the pool. Here are five things to do to stay entertained by the pool on vacation while the kids swim. —Vita Daily

Read a book: Bring a good book or magazine to read by the pool. This is a great way to relax and escape the heat while the kids swim.

Listen to music or podcasts: You can bring along some headphones and listen to your favorite music or podcasts while enjoying the sunshine.

Play games: You can also bring along some fun games like cards, board games or even a small portable video game console to play while lounging by the pool.

Do some light exercise: Take advantage of the warm weather and do some light exercise like yoga, stretching or some laps in the pool.

Socialize with other guests: Use this opportunity to meet other guests and make new friends. Strike up a conversation and enjoy the company of others while relaxing by the pool.


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