Macaroni Art For World Art Day

April 15, 2023

Finger painting, collage, and clay modelling—these classically youthful art forms have one thing in common: they’ve made it into the glorified art world. But there is one medium that our pals at KD feels has been unjustly overlooked: macaroni art. 

As Canada’s iconic cheesy noodle, KD knows that macaroni art has always been a beloved creative activity, but some naysayers think of noodle art as child’s play. Is that a widespread consensus? To further prove their stance, KD reached out to major museums and galleries around the globe and found that while other youthful art forms are displayed in these hallowed halls, macaroni art is absent. And what better way to address this conversation than by developing an undeniably artistic creation? Because if it’s Mac art, it must be KD.

This week, on World Art Day, KD will be unveiling its first-ever Macsterpiece—a 30,000-noodle macaroni magnum opus created by pop artist Jason Mecier, meant to remind us that Mac art is real art. KD knows that Canadians love to get creative with how they eat their favourite meal, and this one-of-a-kind artwork reaffirms that KD is always an unmistakable experience, both in the kitchen and beyond. —Vita Daily


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