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5 Sunless Self-Tanners

April 20, 2023

With the days getting longer we find ourselves daydreaming about lounging at the beach and soaking up the sun. As much as we love sunny days, sun damage–not so much. Sun exposure without SPF can lead to a plethora of skin diseases and premature ageing but that doesn’t mean we want to opt out of the look of tanned skin. Enter self-tanners, an easy and sun-safe way to get a sunkissed look. Below are some of our faves to get our bronze on. –Vicki Duong

l’oreal. A drugstore fave, the L’oreal Paris Sublime Bronze Self-Tanning Water Mousse ($18) is one of our fave products for a natural looking tan with a subtle glow. With a blend of coconut water and vitamin E to hydrate your skin will also feel softer and smoother as well as bronzed. Plus we love that this is formulated to be applied on dry skin and showered off whenever you decide your tan has reached its optimal depth.

saltyface. Are you the type to freckle when exposed to the sun? Freckles can often add to a sunkissed, however we aren’t all blessed with natural freckles. Worry not, our friends at Saltyface is here to help us achieve the look. Their Freckle Paint ($26) allows you to precisely apply your own freckles with an easy-to-manipulate applicator to adjust the depth of colour and size to create a subtle or bold look  

that’so. Not all self tanners are made alike, when it comes to adding colour to your face a different method is needed than body bronzing. We’ve been reaching for the That’so Face Mist ($55), a two-in-one mist that not only deepens your complexion but also stimulates collagen production and skin elasticity. A fine mist ensures an even lightweight application making it ideal for self-tanning newbies.

bondi sands. Like any good complexion product, selecting the right undertone is just as important as selecting the right shade. We’ve been loving the Bondi Sand’s Technocolour range ($37 each), a series of tanning foams with a variety of skin tones and types in mind. Because of this unique twist, the blend is not just about deepening but rather enhancing your complexion.

clinique. Still on the fence about self-tanning? While the results are temporary, sometimes we want something that lasts for an even shorter time frame. For the right amount of bronze that rinses out at the end of the day with the rest of your makeup the Clinique Sun-Kissed Face Gelee ($42) is the perfect addition to any routine. It leaves a radiant finish that is lightweight and wears well on its own or underneath makeup.


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