3 Trending Instagram Tips For Vintage Cameras

April 27, 2023

Trends for Instagram photography are constantly changing with the times. These days, as nostalgia and Y2K fashion are back in style, we’re similarly seeing a rise in vintage, creative photography. The most influential users are uploading photos taken from anything but their iPhones, including shots from instant, digital and disposable cameras. Vintage cameras are rising in popularity as they give photos a classic feel while capturing higher quality shots. The photos inevitably turn out more authentic, giving your Instagram posts a natural filter with no editing required. With our trending Instagram tips, pull out a vintage camera at your next function and become an instant influencer. —Julia Dumbrell

Capture candid moments, embracing the natural charm of vintage cameras: With no screen on disposable cameras, you won’t be able to see how the photo turns out until developing it. Instead of trying to stage the perfect moment, snap a photo of something that inspires you. The results may reveal your inner visionary. If you’re looking to experiment with a disposable camera, your local drugstore has got you covered. Our go-to is the Fujifilm QuickSnap Single Use Camera from London Drugs, where you can visit the PhotoLab onsite when you’re ready to develop ($24).

For an editorial look, don’t be afraid to use your camera flash: Using the bright built-in flashes on a vintage camera will illuminate the subject, giving the picture a photoshoot-like effect. Day or night, the flash on a vintage camera turns any moment into a high fashion photoshoot. We love the built-in flash on the Polaroid Now+ i-Type Instant Camera, their most creative camera yet, still available at Visions Electronics ($200). 

Create a series through your vintage photography, telling a story with a compilation of photos: You’ll see these picture collections, or photo dumps, on the trendiest of Instagram feeds. Just like the nostalgia of physical cameras, these series are a comforting throwback to the days of Facebook albums. If you’re shooting a photo dump with a digital camera, we recommend picking up a memory card with plenty of gigabytes, like the SanDisk Memory Card available on Amazon. This will allow you to snap endlessly and curate later, without needing to clutter the storage in your iPhone camera roll. 


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