How Your Watch Can YOU Smarter

May 7, 2023

There’s a new smartwatch on our wrists, and its incredible capabilities are, well brilliant.

Compatible with both iPhone and Android, and featuring Wear OS 3 by Google, the Citizen CZ Smart with IBM Watson learns your YouQ to anticipate‌ what’s next—and make you smarter, too. The app (it combines AI models built with IBM Watson Studio and research pioneered by NASA Ames Research Center to deliver a personalized, gamified and compelling experience) boasts:

  • Power Score: a highly personalized indicator of your cognitive and physical energy
  • Power Fixes: suggested actions to help you extend peaks and curb drops in alertness and promote the building of better habits, so you can optimize for what’s ahead each day
  • Alert Monitor: a version of NASA’s (PVT+) Psychomotor Vigilance Task Test, originally designed to understand astronauts’ cognitive acuity

In other words, this watch + app works to help you, the wearer, understand and anticipate patterns of fatigue and alertness and offers customized insights and personalized strategies to manage stress, set activity goals, encourage self-care and well-being and ultimately build better habits. It’s game-changing.

The watch also uses your Alert Scores and sleep data (after seven to 10 days of aggregation) to identify your unique Chronotype—a heritable trait that determines your body’s unique preferred timing of sleep and wake. There’s even a Power Gauge graph showing personalized anticipated peaks and drops in alertness for the next 24-hours, and the Citizen CZ Smart quantitatively analyzes and learns about your unique characterization, rhythms, and habits to enhance personalization—in other words, make it even more about you.

Don’t believe us? “The CZ Smart watch with YouQ app is truly next level,” says Tony Hawk, legendary skateboarder, watch collector, and self-professed gadget geek. “You can look 24-hours ahead with an hourly Power Score, helping you to stay at your best performance levels while doing what you love and learning about your wellness along the way. As I continue to recover from a debilitating injury and prioritize my overall well-being, CZ Smart YouQ is helping me make smarter choices in order to emerge stronger and wiser than ever.”

Incoming calls, texts, emails and calendar notifications are other features, along with downloadable, customizable dials and a range of interchangeable bracelet, mesh, leather and silicone straps for practicality and style preference. And, with Amazon Alexa built-in, you can play music, control your smart home, get information, news, weather and more using the mic in your CZ Smart Hybrid smartwatch. It’ll even pump you up and get you set in the morning for a great day with positive, personal messaging. Time to shine! —Vita Daily


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