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5 Brands Offering UV-Protection Clothing

May 11, 2023

With the sun ready to make a regular appearance with the summer months quickly approaching, protecting the body’s biggest organ is paramount. According to, “Ninety per cent of visible changes to the skin is a direct result of the cumulative sun damage you’ve been exposed to throughout your life.” Luckily, we have compiled a list of Ultra-Violet Protection Factor clothing brands. With the endless options of UPF clothing on the market, deciding to protect your skin without sacrificing style has never been more fashionable. —Brieanna McCutcheon

The widely popularized surf clothing line, Billabong, has a myriad of rashguards and other pieces ready to give protection against the sun’s rays. The islands away UPF 50 swimsuit is functional yet cute. With its funky floral design and keyhole cut midsection, this little outfit makes for a simple transition from brunch to Kits Beach. Add some daisy duke cutoffs or high wasted cargo shorts, and away you go.

Sited as “wearable sun protection,” UNIQLO has dedicated time to produce clothing that blocks around 90 percent of UV rays. A summer favourite is a long-sleeve shirt made out of rayon. It drapes off the body, allowing the breeze to work through the garment. This item has a UPF rating of 50, meaning it would take 50 times as long for the UV rays to have the same effect on the skin as if somebody added no sunscreen.

B Corp Certified and made with a mission to inspire and help people lead a sun-smart life, Solbari knows all about skin protection. The line offers functional clothing, swim, and accessories. There are also many long-sleeve options in light and darker colours, but the shot-sleeve polo shirt is a summer staple for hitting the green. With seven different colour options, this item protects against the sun and is soft and gentle, made with cotton and bamboo. Bring on the sunshine because this high-tech shirt will also help regulate body temperature.

Vancouver-born lululemon has both swim, active and leisure items for all those exercise babes wanting to keep their skin protected. The Nulux half-zip golf shirt is too beautifully simplistic to only wear on the course and is made to protect the skin while remaining snug for a focused swing. This shirt is acceptable at lunch outings or driving around to various places during a day of carving down that ‘To Do List.’

Check out Columbia’s omni-shade sun protection clothing, with breathable, sweat-wicking fabric blocking harmful UVA and UVB rays. Recommended by the Skin Cancer Foundation, the women’s silver ridge utility romper buttons in the front with a dressy shirt collar. Another popular feature of the romper is the elastic waist and slightly longer than-average short sleeves, giving the ultimate sun protection to those shoulders that often burn.


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