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5 Fancy Tulips To Grow In Canada

May 12, 2023

While we await peony season, tulips are in full bloom all around us! Here are five fancy tulip varieties that are suitable for growing in Canada:

  1. ‘Princess Irene’: This tulip features a stunning combination of orange and purple. It has a distinctive color pattern with orange petals that have a purple flame-shaped marking. ‘Princess Irene’ is a reliable performer and grows well in Canadian climates.
  2. ‘Blue Spectacle’: As the name suggests, ‘Blue Spectacle’ is known for its mesmerizing deep blue-violet color. This tulip has elegant, pointed petals and can create a captivating display in your garden.
  3. ‘Menton’: ‘Menton’ is a beautiful double tulip with creamy-white petals tinged with blush pink. The flowers are full and lush, resembling peonies. This variety is a favorite among gardeners and performs well in Canadian gardens.
  4. ‘Black Hero’: If you’re looking for a dramatic tulip, ‘Black Hero’ fits the bill. It features velvety, dark maroon to almost black petals that create a striking contrast in the garden. ‘Black Hero’ is known for its strong stems and longevity.
  5. ‘White Triumphator’: ‘White Triumphator’ is a classic tulip variety with elegant, pure white flowers. It has large, upward-facing blooms on sturdy stems. This variety is a reliable performer in Canadian gardens and adds a touch of elegance to any setting.

These fancy tulip varieties have proven to thrive in Canadian climates. When planting tulips, make sure to follow the recommended planting instructions and provide them with adequate sunlight, well-drained soil, and proper care to ensure optimal growth and blooming. —Vita Daily


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