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5 Tips To Write A Memorable Card For Any Occasion

May 12, 2023

When we’re able to express ourselves through words, it can mean as much as any gift. Unfortunately, writer’s block can often be the strongest when writing cards for those we love the most. Our five tips will provide inspiration to write a memorable card for any occasion. —Julia Dumbrell

Handwriting always wins. It’s said that our emotions come through most clearly when we’re writing by hand. As life is increasingly moved online, going the old-fashioned route and writing by hand is essential to a memorable card. By letting it all out on the page, your heart is sure to come through and make a beautiful gift for the one you love.

Write a love letter, because how often do you get the opportunity to be a romantic? This tip will resonate particularly well if you’re dedicated to ‘Romanticising Your Life’. By allowing yourself to tell the recipient how you really feel, this card could mean the world to them.

Find the perfect card, to show the recipient how well you know them. Our current favouritesare the offbeat, cheeky and cute greeting cards from Quirky Paper Co. Created locally in Vancouver, this small business’s goal is to inspire joy and connection in everyday life.

Write a poem to dissolve your writer’s block. This style will surely spark some inspiration, no matter how cheesy it gets. Acrostic poems are a wonderful fit for cards, where the first letter of each line spells out a phrase. L, is for the way you Look at me …

Keep it simple. For many occasions, short can be the sweetest. Keep your card concise and leave an impact on your recipient with just a few short sentences about why they mean the world to you.


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