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8 Trending Mermaidcore Beauty Items

May 12, 2023

Thanks in part to the release of Disney’s live-action remake of the underwater classic, The Little Mermaid, starring Halle Bailey, Mermaidcore has taken centre stage, with a 135 per cent increase in Google searches worldwide for the year. The aesthetic has blown up, and it does not only pertain to clothing. The beauty industry has seen its fair share of underwater details with metallics, sequins, and aquamarine shades. Below, find ten picks that made our must-try beauty list. —Brieanna McCutcheon

Wetlook Hair

Instagram Picture: @shibuimelbourne

There is a comeback of the grunge look of the 90s. For the sake of this list, we will call it mermaid-core hair, that wet look. Most hair lengths can pull off this style, and there are endless options for parting your hair or no part. Mixing hair gel with hair oil is easy to transition dry locks into lustrous wet, loose waves. In addition to choosing a hair gel, grab Oi Oil from davines; achieving the look will be possible in addition to smelling divine.

Lilac Eyeshadow

Instagram Photo: @aayra.fnbeauties

A simple way to elevate any look is lilac eyeshadow. The colour especially looks great on brown, green and hazel eyes. One way to play with the tone is to try different shades, add a deeper colour to the crease, or opt for a metallic or satin finish. A go-to is Lidstar by Glossier, a long-wearing tint that applies evenly. It is safe to say we went with the colour Lily.

Pearly Skin

Instagram photo: @annabreeding

Youthful skin always seems to glow. Also, if you live underwater, chances are the light is dancing on your skin as you swim around. An easy way to add a pearly look during makeup application is through MACs Prep + Prime line. Start with Prep + Prime Natural Radiance and set the face with the Shimmer Prep + Prime Fix+ spray.

Pearl Manicure

Instagram Photo: @kkbloomboutique

The pearl manicure, glazed nails, or chrome look came to mainstream popularity by Hailey Beiber but was popularized long before among other social circles. It is a great way to add jazz to an overall look without adding all-out sparkle. The obvious option is purchasing pearl or chrome nail polish. There is, however, the other option of painting on a base of choice and buffing a chrome powder before finishing it off with a topcoat.

Blue Mascara

Instagram Photo: @mirenessecosmetics

It’s 2023, meaning one can take a lot of creative liberty for makeup looks. Blue mascara is a beautiful way to add a hint of fun to a traditional day look. Take Diors 24h buildable volume mascara, which adds the right amount of subtleness. This deep blue is darker, making most people unaware of the fun change.

Mermaid Nails

Instagram Picture: @naturelovesalon

Anything that adds that iridescent glitter colour will work for this look. Bring on the gel nails or opt for the more au natural clean finish with proper shaping and a pop of colour. Mermaid nails are proving to reign supreme.

Blue Eyeshadow

Instagram Picture: @katiejanehughes

Blue eyeshadow, for whatever reason, seems to jog people’s memory during those curious young years of going through mom and grandma’s makeup. With that said, the look has been revamped and is ready to take its place, front and centre, with a hip new look. Check out British-born makeup artist Katie Jane Hughes and her icy blue look—a far step from the ’80s.

Mermaid Waves

Instagram Picture: @salthaircoogee

Mermaid Waves give major flashbacks to the 90s bubble gum pop era. The style is easy to achieve with a curling wand, iron or flat iron. The best scenario would be a 3-barrel curling wand. Add some texturing spray to the roots and finish the ends and mid-shaft of the hair with some hair oil for supreme shine.


  1. Hair Extensions

    May 27th, 2023 at 10:20 am

    Thanks for sharing these beautiful items, I will definitely try wet look on my human hair extensions.

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