6 Canadian-Grown Berries To Look For This Summer

May 26, 2023

The berry season in Canada varies depending on the specific type of berry and the region within the country. Here’s a general timeline for when different berries are typically in season in various parts of Canada:

  1. Strawberries:
    • Ontario and Quebec: Mid-June to early July.
    • British Columbia: Late May to early July.
    • Atlantic provinces: Late June to early July.
  2. Blueberries:
    • Ontario and Quebec: July to August.
    • British Columbia: July to September.
    • Atlantic provinces: July to August.
  3. Raspberries:
    • Ontario and Quebec: Mid-July to early August.
    • British Columbia: July to September.
    • Atlantic provinces: Late July to early August.
  4. Blackberries:
    • Ontario and Quebec: Late July to early August.
    • British Columbia: July to September.
    • Atlantic provinces: Late July to early August.
  5. Saskatoon berries:
    • Prairie provinces (Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba): Late June to July.

Cherries, too, can grow in Canada. However, the cultivation of cherries in Canada is mainly limited to certain regions due to the country’s diverse climate. The most common areas for cherry cultivation in Canada include:

  1. British Columbia: The Okanagan Valley in British Columbia is known for its thriving cherry orchards. The region’s warm summers and fertile soil provide favorable conditions for cherry production. The main cherry-growing areas in British Columbia include Kelowna, Penticton, and Oliver.
  2. Ontario: Some regions in Ontario, particularly in the southern part of the province, have suitable conditions for growing cherries. Areas such as the Niagara Peninsula and the southern shores of Lake Erie are known for their cherry orchards.

Cherry trees typically require a period of cold dormancy during winter, followed by a warm growing season. They bloom in spring and produce fruit during the summer months. The exact timing of cherry harvest can vary depending on the specific variety and local weather conditions.

Please note that these timeframes are approximate and can vary depending on weather conditions and other factors. It’s always a good idea to check with local farmers’ markets, pick-your-own farms, or agricultural websites for the most accurate and up-to-date information on berry availability in your specific region of Canada. —Vita Daily


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