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5 Fun & Productive Activities For Long-Haul Flights

May 31, 2023

Although hopping on a plane for a long-haul flight gives you the opportunity to see some truly incredible parts of the world, there is no getting around the fact that lengthy flights can often be a fairly arduous experience.

Not only do you have to sit in the same seat for hours on end, but you also have to put up with bad food, stale air, and the noise constantly generated by your seatmates.

Thankfully, however, there are plenty of ways you can limit your suffering on a long-haul flight. And with so many entertainment options available these days, your biggest issue might be how to narrow down the many choices available to you!

With that said, if you are looking for some inspiration on how to keep yourself entertained on your next long-haul flight, keep reading!

Dive Into a Good Book

One of the most popular options for staying entertained on a long-haul flight is to lose yourself in a good book!

Although reading a book is always a good option for keeping yourself entertained, no matter where you are, it is a particularly good option on a plane where access to charging might be an issue. Books are low-tech, incredibly engrossing, and can keep you entertained for hours.

The average book will take you around six to seven hours to finish, which should easily see you through a long-haul flight. And best of all, airports usually have bookshops in them, so you can even pick a new one up at the airport!

So, regardless of whether you prefer fiction or non-fiction, we recommend picking up a book for your next long-haul flight!

Play Some Games

Thanks to the rise of powerful mobile devices, such as tablets, phones, and dedicated gaming consoles, an increasingly popular entertainment option for long-haul flights are games. In fact, games are so popular on long-haul flights these days that many airlines provide access to games on their in-flight entertainment systems!

For those of you who prefer to bring your own gaming devices, however, there are plenty of options available. These options include simply loading up some games on your mobile phone or using a dedicated gaming device, such as a Nintendo Switch.

One popular type of game to dive into on long-haul flights are casino games, which are easy to pick up and play and don’t require a large screen. And given that many airlines now provide access to in-flight Wi-Fi, you can access many of the most popular online casino games. With that said, if you want to find some of the best new online casino games to play on your next flight, read more here for a quick overview!

Plan Your TripAnother productive and enjoyable activity you can do on your next long-haul flight is sink some time into planning your trip!

As you will be stuck in one place for a prolonged period, this is the perfect time to crack on with that trip research you have been putting off for months. You can do this using a guidebook you picked up at the airport or even by using the in-flight WiFi.

This is a great activity as not only will it help to get you excited for your trip, but it will also keep you occupied during your flight!

Listen to Podcasts

Another great entertainment option for long-haul flights is listening to a podcast.

Given how popular podcasts have become over the last few years, there are quite literally thousands of different options out there. And regardless of whether you prefer news and current events or a murder mystery, there is a podcast series out there to suit your personal tastes!

Our recommendation is to choose something that is serialized or relatively self-contained. This will give you a chance to binge-listen to an entire series on your journey.

If you want to try and sleep on your flight, podcasts also make for great background noise as you try to get some shut-eye!

Binge-watch a TV Show

If you are facing a long-haul flight that’s as long as twelve hours, an engaging way of wiling away a few hours is to tackle a TV series you have been meaning to catch up on.

You can do this by using the in-flight entertainment system or downloading a TV show to your phone or tablet in advance of the flight.

We recommend choosing something that is relatively self-contained and that can be finished in one flight. This will not only keep you entertained but will also give you a sense of accomplishment!


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