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9 Tips To Regrow Damaged Hair

June 1, 2023

From too much heat to over-colouring, maintaining healthy hair is no easy feat. Growing your hair and improving its overall health can seem daunting, and this isn’t helped by the fact that results aren’t immediate. Here are some vetted tips to expedite growing back healthy and luscious hair. —Maddie Clerides

The most important tip to regrowing your hair is to put down the hair straightener. Heat is hard on even the healthiest of hair types, and straightening your hair is unfortunately the most damaging style. This is because in order to straighten the hair, the straightener breaks down the hair cuticle. When curling hair, the tool just has to bend the cuticle, which is far less damaging. Nevertheless, all heat will slow the growth of your hair (including hairdryers). We recommend air-drying whenever possible. If this isn’t an option for you, try to heat style your hair only once a week and be sure to use a heat protector every time. The Thermal and Heat Protectant Hair Spray by Bondi Boost is a very effective option.

Give the hair extensions a rest. The immediate results of hair extensions are certainly alluring, especially with so many high-quality options on the market, however they will ultimately slow the growth of your hair. Any kind of tape or bond that is attached the root of your hair will inevitably pull and increase your risk of breakage. If you are in an awkward phase of hair growth and don’t feel comfortable without some extra volume, clip-ins are the least damaging extensions to opt for – but try to wear them for as little time as possible as they still tug at the root. Bellami has loads of different lengths and colour options.  

Try to wash your hair as little as possible. This can be really difficult for some, however you can “train” your hair to require less washing. Washing your hair strips the scalp of natural oils, so in response your scalp can overcompensate this by creating even more oil. (Think about what would happen if you were to wash your face too much.) Once your scalp and hair get out of this pattern, your scalp naturally will naturally adjust. Full disclosure, this can take some time, but it is absolutely worth it. Luckily, thick hairbands are in style as well as claw clips to pull back your hair without tugging in between washes. Kitsch makes great claw clips that are functional yet stylish. Some hair accessories combined with a high-quality dry shampoo will do the trick to make this transition easier. The Living Proof Perfect Hair Day Dry Shampoo actually cleans hair while adding some body and texture as well. It also doesn’t leave any white residue.

Take a break from slicked back ponytails and ballerina buns. Anything that pulls on the root of the hair is a no-no for regrowth. When going to the gym, try a mid-height braid paired with a headband to keep hair out of the face. Using no-tug hair ties are also a must to avoid pulling loads of hair out after a tough workout. These Kitsch hair ties work for thick hair and actually stay put, unlike many other alternative options. An even gentler option for when you’re not doing anything rigorous is Slip’s Skinny Scrunchies.

It’s always fun to switch up your hair colour, but dyeing hair can cause intense damage to your hair. The more you dye your hair, the harder it becomes for your stylist to achieve exactly what you ask for due to the layers of colour underneath. The dye also adds unnecessary chemicals and stress to the hair when you are trying to regrow. It’s best to rock your natural colour until you are closer to your goal length or thickness.

Moisturize your hair whenever you can! Masks are the easiest way to achieve this. A good hack is to apply a hair mask while hanging around the house or even before a workout if you need to wash it after anyway. This way, the mask has significantly more time to work its magic. Organic coconut oil is a super effective treatment, however its very greasy! A super effective hair mask is the Gisou Honey Infused Hair Mask. Putting a shower cap over your head while wearing the mask will allow the product to penetrate the hair deeper. Another product making waves in the industry is the K18 Biomimetic Hair Science Leave-in Molecular Repair Hair Mask.

Slather on some oil before washing. Right before you are about to wash your hair, gently massage some hair oil throughout the hair. This increases moisture and shine in addition to providing detangling benefits once out of the shower. Try the Elixir Ultime Hydrating Hair Oil Serum by Kérastase.

Switch to silk pillowcases. Silk helps keep your hair from getting frizzy and minimizes breakage and tugging when sleeping. These pillowcases also maintain your hairstyle for longer, which means you need to use less heat. Slip’s silk pillowcases come in many colours to match your bedding.

Lastly, be gentle when brushing your wet hair! This is when your hair is the most prone to breakage. When detangling, start at the bottom and work your way up gently. The Wet Brush Original Detangler is the best product on the market for brushing wet hair and minimizing damage.


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