June Influencer: Deanna Woo

June 2, 2023

We love Deanna Woo for introducing us to different foods, secret dining spots and the best eats in the Lower Mainland, and around the world. —Vita Daily

 Hi Deanna! Where does your great love of food come from?

Travelling! Growing up I had the opportunity to travel with my parents and that opened my eyes to different types of cuisines. As I got older I found a passion documenting my experiences and showcasing unique dining spots locally and around the world. 

How did you get into food blogging?

I started roughly seven years ago. I used to love finding new local gems and hole-in-the wall spots and taking photos with my phone. My mom bought me a camera for my birthday and I started using that to take all my photos. It truly was a hobby at first but it’s grown to be so much more. For me, making content is storytelling. The food is a huge, integral part of the story, but I love meeting restaurant owners and staff and hearing their stories/asking questions. A lot of the people I’ve met through media events or tastings have become my friends and it’s amazing to support them. I also love when people (followers, who I also consider friends) message me to ask for recommendations or to comment on places I’ve gone to. I love that “connectivity” part of social media. Also, fun fact: I was extremely shy growing up. It really wasn’t until I started doing social media that I became more outgoing. 

How do you use your platform to impact those who follow you?

I love engaging with everyone. I love when they comment on my posts or DM me to ask for suggestions. For me it’s important to post daily but it’s even more important to take some time in the day to respond. I continuously do a lot of research to look at what new restaurants are opening or updating my list of favourite eats in various areas/ cuisines so that when people ask me for recommendations I have sort of an updated “Deanna Yelp” list to share with them. I also love supporting local food events and local restaurants. There’s so many wonderful hidden gems that are mom-and-pop shops that I think deserve so much love. It’s amazing how posting a video on social media can help these businesses gain customers and traction. It’s really rewarding. 

Is there anything you absolutely will not eat?

I’m not a huge lamb person. Other than that I’m pretty flexible when it comes to food. 

What’s your personal style mantra? 

Wear stretchy clothes! Just kidding. Being a predominantly food “influencer” or “content creator” requires me to eat a lot of food, basically seven days a week. However, I really try to live a balanced lifestyle. I work out on average five times a week and I try to eat healthier during the workday (yes, I also work a nine-to-five) so that I can indulge during dinner. It’s all about moderation! And I’ve also been trying to drink a lot more water … sometimes I forget. 

 Any fashion/beauty tips to stay looking good (and stain-free!) while eating a messy meal?

I can’t help here … I’m the girl who will wear white to a super-saucy pasta dinner or hot pot. I can’t help but stain my clothes! 

What’s a dream dish you’d like to try, or a dream food destination you’d like to travel to?

Italy is on my bucket list for this year. I want all the pasta and carbs … yum! 

What’s coming up for you next? 

I’m on TikTok and Instagram and I’m so used to short-form videos but it would be nice to explore YouTube. I have one video up from the Richmond Night Market (three years ago) so that’s been quite a long hiatus. We will see! 

Follow Deanna on Instagram.


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