6 Products For Your Beach Baby

June 12, 2023

Summer is full of adventure. A trip to the beach is the perfect way to kick off the season. If you have tiny sunbathers in tow, here are some handy essentials for your beach bag to keep them cool and safe. —Amanda Nunes

Protect tiny eyes with a bear-y cute pair of Jan & Jul sunglasses ($27). They offer up UV protection, are flexible, and have a strap to stay put. 

These versatile Native sneakers ($55) are a godsend in warm summer months. Not only do they come in endless playful patterns and styles, but you can also pop them into the washing machine when they get too dirty.

Heading to the beach? No sweat. Vacation abroad? Perfect. Bring along Babymoov’s Anti Marine Tent ($80) to protect little ones from mosquitos, sand, and of course, the sun. In fact, with its UPF 50+ rating, this tent can block up to 99% of harmful rays.

Keep delicate skin safe from harmful UV rays with Thinkbaby Safe Sunscreen ($21). This mineral-based sunscreen is water-resistant and free of harmful chemicals.

Veggies are both healthy and stylish with Headster Kid’s adorable cap. ($27) Veggies aren’t your thing? Headster has tons of unique prints to choose from.

Few things are tougher than putting sunscreen on a wriggling, screaming little one. Enter Solar Buddies ($12). These chunky mess-free applicators are refillable and have a sponge and rollerball combo for easy application. 


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