Self-Driving Cars Innovation: Why Can Your Ford Drive Away From You?

June 14, 2023

Technology has indeed made it such that you barely have to leave your house in the first place to get things done, and with driverless cars, life is likely to get so much simpler. So, when the concept of self-driving cars came along, it seemed like an excellent futuristic idea that most of us would love to have in our lives sooner rather than later.

Already, with an Internet connection, you can play video games with friends, or enjoy gambling via sites like vegas casino online, shop for goods and services, and even work remotely. That’s why the self-driving concept was so remarkable – one more way to make life as easy as it’s possible. Essentially, self-driving cars use automation technology from automobile manufacturers to make functions of your vehicle run independently. But isn’t it too good to be true?

It is definitely worth recognizing the advantages this technology has and will provide. For example, helping the elderly with transportation, reducing car accidents and road rage, and even helping you get home when you’ve had a little bit too much to drink. But how can this technology be used against you? Let us take a look at the patent brought forward by Ford that uses self-driving technology to repossess your vehicle automatically.

Systems and Methods to Repossess a Vehicle

The Ford’s patent titled “Systems and Methods to Repossess a Vehicle” was submitted in 2021, but it was officially filed in 2023. This system is geared to disrupt the world of car repossession by making the life of a transport owner who has missed payments as difficult as possible.

Self-driving technology can control many functionalities of a vehicle, which can help Ford accomplish its mission. These car functions include but are not limited to:

  • Air conditioning system
  • Engine performance
  • Cruise control
  • Automated window controls
  • Alarm systems
  • The radio

Your Car Will Drive Away From You

Ford’s patent seeks to control self-driven car technology to help manufacturers repossess cars from lessees who are behind on their payments. Not only can they make it difficult for you to enjoy your vehicle by turning off specific systems, but they can control the actual driving of the car.

Ford technology will allow manufacturers to drive a vehicle from one place to another without a driver present. This means they can repossess your car by making it drive itself to a particular location, especially repossession lots, and they can do it remotely. Similarly, a car manufacturer can also make your car transport itself to a spot where it can be picked up by a tow truck.

Can This Technology Work?

A few features and processes would be needed for the Systems and Methods to Repossess a Vehicle patent technology to work. For instance, your vehicle would probably need to be connected to the Internet. On the other hand, Ford suggests installing additional hardware in the car that will allow manufacturers to control it if you’re offline. That said, this makes it difficult for this system to be developed, meaning it might take a while to come into effect.

Passive Aggressive Repossession

Of course, this system of repossessing cars may seem a little bit aggressive, especially in the economy we currently live in. But many industries will actually benefit a lot from it. Even so, the system is not as drastic as it can sound. Not only does it give you warnings before starting the process, but it also starts slowly.

During the initial steps, the repossession system may start by shutting down basic features such as window controls, car door locks, and unlock controls. It then advances to other features and finally enables a vehicle to drive itself to the nearest repossession location if the owner ignores these warnings.

Other Beneficial Uses of Ford’s System

Besides repossession, there are other advantages that such a system could bring to the table. For example, in the case of theft, a hijacked vehicle can be controlled and returned to its owner or manufacturer. Or, in the case of health issues, you can black out from a stroke or heart attack and survive by using this self-driving technology to get you to a hospital. Additionally, they may be used as cabs without needing drivers.

How Will This Affect Car Owners?

It may be hard to always be up-to-date with all your payments, and sometimes you just need a break. But at the end of the day, it is all about business. It is the right of an automobile manufacturer to repossess their property in cases where the owner has neglected their payments.

The Systems and Methods to Repossess a Vehicle patent from Ford will lead to futuristic solutions in ways we never considered to be possible. And maybe it will encourage more people to stay on top of their payments in the long run, which is a positive thing. Nonetheless, it is still a theoretical technology at the moment, and it may take time before it can be applied for everyday use.


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