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Tallu & Co.: Mindful Wellness Products, Born In A Barn

June 15, 2023

The therapeutic benefits of essential oils have been well-known for centuries. Lavender oil hastens sleep, peppermint essence can offset headache pain, and a few drops of eucalyptus in a steam shower can work wonders for a stuffy nose. In Katherine Evans’ case, essential oils did a good deal more than that. They helped mend a broken heart.

After the loss of her tourism business and her beloved horse in the dark days of 2020, Katherine, an energetic North Vancouver-native and female entrepreneur, used the healing power of essential oils to find her way back to health. She channeled her grief into creating a new business using the natural products that had sustained her during those challenging days.

“Tallu & Co. came into my life exactly when I needed it the most,” she recalls. “I lost my best friend, a horse named Preston, on New Year’s Eve of 2020. His mother was named Tallulah, and that’s how Tallu was born.” Katherine launched Tallu & Co. in February 2023. The collection of natural and plant-based essential oil blends promotes wellness products for the body and home. And in a unique twist, the stable, too.

The product line includes essential oil blend bath oils, candles, meditation rollers, fragrant kitchen sprays and an organic bug repellent to fend off what is apparently going to be a banner season for mosquitoes. The expansion of her former hobby creating blends for family and friends into a successful wellness business has been gratifying for Katherine, who is excited to help people feel good and navigate life’s challenges.

Indeed, her healing journey brought her back to the barn, and to a new horse for whom she created the chemical-free, animal-safe Dream spray. The spray’s essential blend of lavender, peppermint and jojoba oils is the first in the line of six products designed exclusively for horses and their handlers, a fitting nod to her equestrian roots. The line also includes saddle soap, boot spray and an oil to treat scratches. Katherine has since expanded Tallu’s natural animal-focused products to be suitable for use on dogs and cats.

Though the challenging days of 2020 are in the rear-view, she believes that self-care and wellness practices are here to stay. “More than ever, people want to feel good, create space in their lives and minds for some quiet, and decorate their home in the same way.” Claudia Laroye



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