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Toronto’s Eyebrow Queen Weighs In On Ryan Gosling’s Brows

June 22, 2023

Canadian actor Ryan Gosling has been trending recently for his striking new appearance in the upcoming Barbie movie. Sporting bleached blond hair and lighter eyebrows, Golsing’s transformation has caught the attention of the public. Toronto brow expert, Brittni Alexandra, owner of B. Beautiful Studio, anticipates his eyebrow look may become a new trend with both men and women. We chatted with her to find out more (including how to get the look)! —Vita Daily

Hi Brittni! Please tell us a bit about yourself to start.

I am the owner and founder of B. Beautiful studio in Toronto. At age 25 I decided to make my passions my career, but my way. The beauty Industry is not always the nicest, most accepting place. That needed to change and I was the one who was going to do it, or at least start the process! This is how I cultivated B. Beautiful, a safe, honest, inclusive space for everyone.

Canadian actor Ryan Gosling has been trending recently for his striking new appearance in the upcoming Barbie movie. Can you tell us how this has impacted his eyebrows?

YES! Firstly I feel like this man’s face can do no wrong. But let’s talk brows, he has amazing natural brows to start that from the looks of it are rather low maintenance. He has definitely lightened his brows a shade or two more than likely with dye, then his makeup artist has perfected them to give that natural light pop on camera, this trend has only started.

Do you believe Ryan’s lighter brows could become a new trend with both men and women? Why? How does this look differ than the bleached eyebrows trend we’ve already seen?

Yes, yes, yes. This is the start of a new eyebrow era and it is an inclusive trend, which is amazing because everyone can do it. It will gain popularity because it is low maintenance while still being on trend. It is rather low commitment and can easily be achieved at home with the right brow products. You can’t go wrong. It differs from the bleach brow (happy to see that one leaving). The bleach brow was harsh, permanent and a lot of damage and upkeep. Think of it like bleaching your hair at home…orange…breakage…need I say more?

Can you tell us, step by step, how to “get the look”? Any tips/tricks and/or favourite products?

You can achieve this look a few ways depending on how much you want to commit to the look. I always say for trends op for the non permanent version as they are never going to be here long.

Non Permanent: Use Kelley Baker Brow in Blonde/ Brown and a Kelley Baker angle brush, which has flatter denser hairs then the average angle brush. This is key. Dab the powder in your preferred shade, this will allow the product to cover the hair and skin giving the illusion of a lighter brow.

Semi Permanent: Get a professionaland emphasis on professionalBrow Tint; make sure to finish with powder to get the true Ryan Gosling look.


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