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Moisture Surge: We’ve Found The Best Mask To Hydrate Your Hair

October 21, 2023

Between the sun, sand and salt water, we sure had fun this summer. Unfortunately, the season wreaked havoc on our hair, stripping it of its natural moisture. “All of that extra time in the sun means more exposure to UV rays, which have the ability to deplete protein in your hair and leave it dry, brittle, dull and washed out,” explains Jonathan Van Ness, founder of JVN Hair. “Chlorine and salt water wreak dryness havoc, too, with chlorine stripping your hair’s natural oils and even leaving a green cast on lighter shades over time, while salt water draws moisture from your hair that will leave it frizzy and dehydrated.” 

Fortunately, JVN’s new Nurture Intense Hydration Mask can help replenish our strands with an innovation that instantly hydrates, restores smoothness and nourishes all hair types. “Just three minutes in your shower and you have 72 hours of hydration, which not only helps with resetting your hair after it’s been exposed to all of the summer hazards we just discussed, but it helps keep your hair from frizzing up so easily in the increased humidity that summer is known for, too” says Van Ness. 

Formulated with an upcycled vegan keratin alternative, amino acids and the iconic hero ingredient hemisqualane, the mask provides a moisture surge, while protecting hair from colour fade. “The formula for this mask is something I’m so proud of; it’s hands-down my favourite mask formulation that I’ve ever used,” he says. “The top three ingredients all work together as a triple hydration system to add moisture and nourishment to your hair while locking it in for days—and the best part is, these ingredients can do this without leaving your hair heavy, greasy or weighed down. It can absolutely be used for all hair types and textures, from fine to coarse. 

“Every season can create new challenges for your hair, in large part because of seasonal fluctuations in humidity,” Van Ness adds. “Dry times of year will leave 

 your hair searching for moisture in the environment that isn’t there, increasing the chances of frizz and brittle strands. Your hair does the same thing when the humidity increases, so you’re going to frizz up if your hair started the season on the dry side and is now gulping the moisture out of the environment like its life depends on it. Using a hydrating mask all year will keep your hair in a state of hydration equilibrium so it isn’t as affected by the changes happening around it.” 

Beyond the palpable results of this and all other JVN hair products we’ve tried (they’re a staple in our shower caddy), we love that the brand is backed by science while keeping consumers and the planet in mind. “It’s been incredibly fulfilling to see people with all types of hair, from 1a to 4c, using these products, because we intentionally formulated everything with hair goals in mind—versus hair type. For me, beauty has always been about feeling like your best, most beautiful, most confident self. JVN is about making that happen for anyone and everyone and that’s deeply important to me.” 

That said, a top priority for Van Ness is celebrating and supporting the LGBTQIA+ community. “LGBTQIA+ folks have been targeted, scapegoated and criminalized in the past and we still are today,” he says. “Queer people have always, and will continue, to fight for our rights to exist safely and equally alongside our cisgender and heterosexual peers. It is time for allies to tap into this struggle and make it their own.”

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