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This Giftable Wine Comes In A Canadian Artist-Designed Gift Box

December 11, 2023

The Prisoner Wine Co., a brand that is anchored on the art of winemaking, has partnered with Canadian artist Justin Broadbent to create a limited-time-only (LTO) wine box design. From December 1-30, these gift boxes featuring Broadbent’s distinctive graphic style will be available with the purchase of The Prisoner Red Blend at select BC Liquor Stores, while supplies last. We chatted with Justin to find out more. —Vita Daily

Hi Justin! Please tell us a bit about yourself to start.

My name is Justin Broadbent and I’m a multidisciplinary artist in Toronto. I know that word kind of gets thrown around these days, but I truly don’t do one thing. I’m all over the map. When it comes to locking down what it is that I love to do. I like jumping around creatively. So one week, it’s doing design on clothing, the next week, it’s a mural, the next week, it’s an installation, and then the next week, it’s a music video. I like trying things that push me to combine my different skill sets.

How did the partnership with The Prisoner Wine Co. come about? What made it a good fit for you?

Since The Prisoner Wine is all about challenging the status quo, this partnership made sense for both of us as our mindsets align on what it means to defy conventions. I feel that when you’re defying convention, part of that is defying your own comfort. For me, it involves stopping before I want to stop or allowing myself to try something that’s void of expectations.

Tell us about your design—what was the inspiration behind it?

The design features a collage of abstracted symbols including stars (star dust), finish lines, clouds, fireworks and wine drops. It’s kind of like a night sky of hand drawn constellations – a sense of chaos that somehow feels relaxing. I wanted to transform a simple wine container into a canvas of boundless creativity and transcend the boundaries of what wine packaging can be. The captivating colours and shapes represent the limitless possibilities when art and wine converge.

How does this type of platform help artists like yourself?

A platform like this creates opportunities for new experiences and environments to build artwork from.  In this case, it also allowed me to celebrate my peers! During this partnership I not only created a wine box but was able to spotlight five exceptional artists who also embody defying convention. In an unconventional and beautiful collaboration of my artwork bringing their work and stories to a whole new audience.

Wine-wise, what’s your favourite bottle to enjoy during the holidays, and why?

Can’t go wrong with a glass of Prisoner under the mistletoe!


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