The “Things She Doesn’t Tell You She Wants But Really Does” Gift Guide 

December 15, 2023

Uncertain about what to gift your significant other this Christmas? Explore our comprehensive gift guide featuring a diverse range of items, from fashion to lifestyle products, that she will *definitely* want. Trust us, we know. —Christina Armanious

Lifestyle & Home

Latte Machine and Accessories: If she enjoys drinking coffee or loves to assume the role of at-home barista, gift her the joy of crafting beloved coffeehouse beverages right at home with the versatility of Mr. Coffee’s four-in-one Single-Serve Latte Maker. It’s capable of creating a variety of drinks like cappuccinos, lattes, iced or hot coffees, and more. Plus, the built-in milk frother and complimentary reusable tumbler add an extra layer of convenience, providing everything she needs for the perfect brew. You can complete the trio with an electric cinnamon pen from Amazon to take her latte art to new heights. 

Cocktail Making Kit: Perfect for all her hosting needs, this 25-piece stainless steel premium bar set includes everything from a cobbler cocktail shaker to jiggers, pourers, muddlers, fruit needles, and more. 

Bedside Shelf: If she loves to lounge in bed, this easily attachable bedside shelf is the perfect addition, ensuring all her essentials are close at hand. Complete with a cup holder and cable openings for hassle-free device charging, this shelf is compatible with various bed types and sizes. 

Neck and Shoulder Massager: Whether she’s working remotely or unwinding after a hectic day, this heated shiatsu massager is perfect for alleviating tension in her neck and shoulders. With eight adjustable massage pressures and front loops for her arms, she can seamlessly continue her daily tasks while enjoying a secure and comfortable massage experience.

Personalised Book Embosser and Corner Bookmark: If she loves to read, consider gifting her a personalised book embosser displaying the label “from the library of” for her home collection. Alternatively, you could opt for a custom initial-embroidered corner bookmark to accompany each book she dives into.

Candle Lamp Warmer: Suitable for all her favourite candle brands, this warmer offers a convenient and safer alternative to traditional matches and lighters. Beyond its aesthetic appeal, the lamp ensures an even burn for candles, eliminating the risk of overheating. The adjustable brightness enhances its versatility, making it even more ideal for a peaceful and ambient night’s sleep.

Stanley Quencher: This trending tumbler is making waves across social media, amassing a whopping 199 million views under the hashtag #StanleyQuencher on TikTok. Not only does it boast a generous 64-ounce capacity, but it also ensures her beverages stay icy for two days, cold for 11 hours, and hot for seven hours. Designed to fit seamlessly into her car cup holders, this tumbler is dishwasher safe and comes with a removable straw for ultimate convenience. Oh yeah, the colours are really pretty, too. 

Phone Screen Amplifier: She won’t know how much she needed this until she has one. Place her phone in the holder, and the 12-inch projector will magnify her movies, shows, videos, games, and more by two to four times. Moreover, it safeguards against harmful blue light, ensuring maximum visual enjoyment. 

At-Home Laser Hair Removal Device: Given that professional laser hair removal may not be the most cost-effective and time-efficient choice, the next best alternative is at-home laser hair removal. Epiluxe stands out as the leading permanent hair removal solution. This device is painless, safe, and gentle, catering to all hair types and skin tones. With six intensity levels to choose from, its glide mode enables a full laser hair removal session in just five minutes. Users have reported successfully stopping unwanted hair growth after completing eight weekly sessions.

Electric Makeup Brush Cleaner: If she loves using makeup, this top-notch brush cleaner and dryer are essential. Simply pour the cleaning solution into the bowl, attach the brush to the spinning wand, and voila! The device comes with versatile handles to fit brushes of all sizes, ensuring a thorough cleaning in just 30 seconds!

Jewelry & Accessories

An Everyday Pearl Necklace: Abandoning the notion that pearls are exclusively reserved for special occasions, NOORÈLLE, a female-owned jewellery brand based in Toronto, integrates them seamlessly into contemporary, everyday fashion. A perfect upgrade from your partner’s standard chain necklace collection, the dainty pearl and onyx necklace introduces an understated and elevated aesthetic designed for daily use, ensuring both style and durability without the concern of easy damage.

Statement and Stacking Rings: While statement jewellery has long been a favoured trend in fashion, its popularity has experienced a notable resurgence in recent years. This is especially true for colourful, chunky rings, and Dean Davidson offers an extensive collection embellished with diverse gems that you can personalise according to her favourite colour or birthstone. For a more understated look, the brand also has a broad selection of dainty silver and gold stackable options. If you like it, then you should put a ring on it. 

Personalised Jewellery: When it comes to sentimental gifts, personalised jewellery stands in a class of its own. Suetables, a locally owned and female-operated brand, offers endless customization options, including hand-stamping and engraving on rings, bracelets, necklaces, and more. Present her with a high-quality piece to express your love and appreciation, using a timeless symbol––be it an initial, a significant date, or a handwritten note.

Footwear & Fashion

Functional Ballet Flats: Ballet flats have undeniably staged a comeback from the early aughts, and it appears that their impact is enduring. However, the reality is that they may not be as comfortable or beneficial for your feet as they might appear. Dr. LIZA, a celebrity posture expert and osteopathic doctor with a high-profile clientele, including George Clooney, Jennifer Lawrence, Eddie Redmayne, and more, has introduced a groundbreaking line of ballet flats infused with cutting-edge science. Her flats feature a shock-absorbing heel, a cushioned insole, arch support, and a lined outsole. The elevated silhouette also creates the illusion of added height, setting them apart from traditional ballerina flats. These footwear options are ideal if your significant other is always on the go, searching for a trendy and comfortable everyday shoe that doesn’t compromise on style. To enhance the look, she can add a dr. LIZA ankle strap.

Pillow Slides: Ideal for post-long-day foot relief, these TKEES slides offer the sensation of walking on a fluffy cloud. Boasting a wide, adjustable Velcro strap and a luxuriously cushioned footbed, these slides cocoon your feet in divine comfort and are perfect for everyday wear.

Reversible Boots and Jacket: Who doesn’t love functional fashion that can seamlessly transition from day to night? Whether she leads a busy lifestyle and desires adaptable pieces, seeks to condense and optimise her wardrobe, or simply values a good two-for-one deal, The Bay’s black knee-high boots – which can be stylishly folded over to unveil a fresh boot pattern – and Veronica Beard’s reversible leather and shearling jacket are sure to emerge as her favourite wardrobe essentials, thanks to their perennial charm. 

Personalised Monogram Tote Bag: Super cute and versatile, this personalised minimalist tote is a stylish companion that effortlessly complements any outfit. Its practical design makes it suitable for various occasions, whether it’s a grocery run, a day at the beach, going out with friends, or even a day at the office.

3D Embroidered Sweater: If your significant other is into whimsical, vintage-inspired clothing, she’ll fall in love with Simons’ oversized knit sweater adorned with large embroidered flowers. The colour and texture perfectly encapsulate the nostalgic and artisanal charm reminiscent of the revival of crochet fashion.


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