10 Steps To Playing Elf On The Shelf This Christmas

December 16, 2023

“Elf on the Shelf” is a popular holiday tradition that involves a small elf figurine that is said to be a scout for Santa Claus. The elf is typically placed in different locations around the house by parents to keep an eye on children’s behavior during the holiday season. The elf “reports” back to Santa each night and returns to a new location in the house the next day. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to play Elf on the Shelf:

1. Get an Elf:

Purchase an official Elf on the Shelf kit, which includes a storybook and a small elf figurine. The storybook explains the tradition and the role of the elf.

2. Introduce the Elf:

Read the storybook to your children to introduce them to the concept of the Elf on the Shelf. The story usually explains that the elf is a scout for Santa and will be watching their behavior.

3. Name Your Elf:

Allow your children to give a name to the elf. This personalizes the experience and makes it more engaging for them.

4. Place the Elf:

Each night, after the children have gone to bed, move the elf to a new location in the house. Get creative with the placements to make it fun and entertaining for the kids.

5. Create Fun Scenes:

Consider posing the elf in different scenes or scenarios. You can have the elf engage in various activities, such as reading a tiny book, baking in the kitchen with miniature utensils, or hanging out with other toys.

6. Use Props:

Incorporate props to enhance the scenes. Tiny props like dollhouse furniture, miniatures, or even simple household items can be used to create interesting setups.

7. Encourage Good Behavior:

Remind your children that the elf is watching their behavior and reporting back to Santa. This can be a fun way to encourage good behavior during the holiday season.

8. Share Messages:

Occasionally, you can leave notes from the elf for the children. These notes can be encouraging or playful and add an extra element of excitement to the tradition.

9. Maintain the Mystery:

Encourage your children not to touch the elf, as the magic might be lost if they do. If the elf is accidentally touched, some families have a “magic” way to restore the elf’s powers.

10. End the Tradition on Christmas Eve:

On Christmas Eve, the elf can leave a goodbye note, expressing joy in watching over the children and reporting back to Santa. The elf is then said to return to the North Pole with Santa until the next holiday season.

Remember that the key to a successful Elf on the Shelf experience is creativity and consistency. Have fun with the tradition, and let it add a touch of magic to your family’s holiday season! —Vita Daily


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