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The Mom Flow: Sick Days

December 17, 2023

This Friday Five is going to look a little different … because your girl has had a sick toddler at home for three days and it’s got me to thinking: I’m out of my Mom Flow! Nothing shakes you out of The Mom Flow like having sick kiddos at home. It’s SO rough for so many reasons and I straight up feel like a hot mess. Survival mode is in full swing around here and I’m writing this to you in a dark bedroom at 4:44pm on a Thursday evening while my in-laws take over on Lola watch for three hours.

Loooook, we are obviously so sad to see our littles sick. You want to do whatever it takes to get them better! But goodness, it’s hard on mama in all ways. Because my job is more flexible, I’m the one who stays home with Lola when she is sick. That can feel frustrating but I do have a “take one for the team” mentality and get to juggling. It really helps that my husband never takes it for granted and, well, I get into it below, so keep reading.

Here are five things/tips to making sick days more manageable for mom and while these may not all apply to you, they are just what helps me get through it. I hope they inspire you just even a little bit! If you need to hear it, listen up: YOU ARE AMAZING, MOM!

Ask For Help

I do NOT like asking for help. I think lots of us feel like we should be able to do it all. I beat myself up if I can’t do it all! But sometimes, we need our village in what ever shape or form that is for you. I asked a neighbour to run out to grab some juice and freezies for me bc there was no way I could take Lola out of the house. I asked my in-laws to come for half the day just so I could have a break and get my work done. Whatever this looks like for you … you aren’t less of a mom if you need help. It’s been so normalized that moms should be martyrs (pushing back on this harrrd). Saying you need help really only makes us so much stronger and have more ability to give our kiddos what they need. I also reach out to friends to vent about my feelings. Like a little mini-therapy sesh, commiserating with a mom who knows what it feels like just hits.

Do Something For Yourself

Your girl needs her me time. Call it selfish but I call it essential. I find micro moments during sick days to do something that makes me happy … this time it was a bougie burrata and prosciutto toast drizzled with honey while she caught up on Spidey cartoons and when I tell you that gave me my own superpowers for the day, believe it. If this means sliding down the hall closet clutching a glass of wine or sneaking in a show on your iPad … I’m here for it. Whatever it takes to get the job done AMIRIGHT.

There’s more, including two additional tips to make sick days more manageable! Keep reading this week’s edition of The Mom Flow by Erin Sousa; subscribe for free to receive new posts and support her work, here!


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