4 Top Cookbooks To Gift For Christmas

December 20, 2023

The holiday season is here, and what better way to spread joy than by gifting a cookbook that inspires creativity in the kitchen? Whether you’re shopping for a seasoned chef or someone just discovering the pleasures of cooking, these top cookbooks are sure to delight and ignite a passion for delicious meals.

“Fraiche Food, Full Hearts: Wholesome Everyday Recipes Made with Love” by Jillian Harris and Tori Wesszer

”Fraiche Food, Fuller Hearts: Wholesome Everyday Recipes Made With Love” ($27), a delightful cookbook by Jillian Harris and Tori Wesszer is a celebration of wholesome, everyday recipes that embrace the joy of cooking with love. From nourishing breakfasts to comforting dinners, the authors infuse each dish with a sense of warmth and heart. With beautiful visuals and easy-to-follow recipes, this cookbook is perfect for those who appreciate the connection between food and love.

“Matty Matheson: Home Style Cookery” by Matty Matheson

Renowned chef Matty Matheson brings his larger-than-life personality to the kitchen with “Home Style Cookery ($40).” Filled with bold flavours and unique twists on classic dishes, this cookbook is a culinary adventure. Matty’s down-to-earth approach and passion for good food make this an excellent choice for individuals looking to explore new flavours and techniques in their home cooking.

Half Baked Harvest Every Day: Recipes for Balanced, Flexible, Feel-Good Meals – A Cookbook” by Tieghan Gerard

Tieghan Gerard’s “Half Baked Harvest Every Day ($34)” is a treasure trove of recipes that strike the perfect balance between flavour and nutrition. With a focus on flexible, feel-good meals, this cookbook is ideal for those seeking a healthier approach to their daily culinary adventures. Gerard’s creative and accessible recipes ensure that every meal is a delightful experience.

“The Tucci Cookbook” by Stanley Tucci

Stanley Tucci, not only a talented actor but also a passionate cook, shares his love for Italian cuisine in “The Tucci Cookbook ($40).” Filled with family recipes and anecdotes, this cookbook is a journey through the heart of Italian cooking. Tucci’s storytelling and culinary expertise make this a wonderful gift for anyone who appreciates the rich flavours and traditions of Italian cuisine.


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