Non-Alcoholic Wine: Why You Should Give It A Try In 2024

December 31, 2023

Chances are when you think about non-alcoholic wine, you’ve either never tried it or it conjures up images of terrible tasting “grape juice” masquerading as wine. Pre-2020, you wouldn’t have been wrong as there was a definite lack of imagination and innovation around this category. In 2023 non-alcoholic wine was one of the fastest growing categories in consumer beverages, second only to non-alcoholic beer, with the taste, quality and options advancing at an astronomical rate over the past few years. Although grocery stores in Canada have not caught up to this trend and are still offering the same dealcoholized wines as they did a decade ago, there are lots of online retailers and small shops that carry the premium stuff you’ll want to try this Dry January.

What is non-alcoholic wine like in 2024? Premium non-alcoholic wine starts out as traditional high-quality wine and uses modern innovation to remove the alcohol. Although industrial processes are used to do this, a winemaker is most often involved to work with the liquid and make sure the taste, acidity, aroma, and mouthfeel are all maintained to a quality standard. Some non-alcoholic wines even have the terroir, appellation and heritage of an existing winery or vineyard to back it up.

What to look for in a good non-alcoholic wine. Premium non-alcoholic wines will clearly state “non-alcoholic wine” or “dealcoholized wine” on the front label. If it says “wine-style beverage” it’s not going to be a good option. Sugar levels on premium wines are also usually below 10g per serving, as there’s less added sugar. The lowest sugar non-alcoholic wine has only 2g of sugar per serving (Brochet Zero Sauvignon Blanc). Grocery store options have closer to 20g of sugar per serving as the producers add sugar and juice to boost the flavour of the dealcoholized wine. Good wines have less sugary additives. Big alcohol brands often make non-alcoholic products, but they don’t always taste good, so don’t get scared off if you try something from a brand you recognize and don’t like it. There are lots of non-alcoholic wine reviews at to peruse, including where to buy it. 

My non-alcoholic wine recommendations for 2024:

  • Wander + Found Cuvee Blanc: This is a great all around non-alcoholic white for the person that loves lighter bodied chardonnays. This non-alcoholic wine gets top marks for everything from its label to the nose to the palette. There was nothing about this wine we didn’t like – it is a joy to drink. On the nose, you’ll find fresh notes of lemon and young grapes – it smells like a premium wine should smell. The palate is a perfect balance of fresh green apples with a slight hint of citrus and nice minerality which is very welcome in a non-alcoholic wine. Notes of gooseberry give it a wonderful zesty zing on your palate. There is an exciting amount of length at the end, which is also a welcome surprise.
  • Edenvale Tempranillo Cab Sauv: If you love old-world dry and tannic red wine, and looking for a non-alcoholic wine alternative, this is going to be a bottle you pick up again and again. It’s identical to an old-world traditional wine with dusty leather notes sitting on top of an underbelly of blackberry and vanilla. A tiny hint of black pepper. The mouthfeel is nice and juicy and rich, and there are tannins for miles – which is very rare in dealcoholized wine. This non-alcoholic wine will pair well with good quality cheese boards, charcuterie boards, goose pate and tapas plates.
  • Leitz Eins Zwei Zero Sparkling Riesling: Germany has always been known for its rieslings, so it’s no surprise that the best non-alcoholic riesling in Canada and possibly the world is from the Rheingau in Germany. The Leitz winery is 200 years old and is known for its premium riesling wines which is what they use for the beautiful Eins Zwei Zero Non Alcoholic Sparkling Riesling. Don’t be frightened off by the fact this wine is a riesling, as it’s not the overly sweet wine you’re probably expecting. It’s off dry and a perfect example of a non-alcoholic sparkling wine that will delight anyone who drinks it.

For more non-alcoholic wine reviews, visit —Sarah Kate


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