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The Newest Skincare Superstar Is Ectoin

January 8, 2024

Ever heard of ectoin? Neither had we, until a press trip to Brooklyn, New York, with beauty brand Biossance brought us face-to-face with skincare’s latest (and possibly greatest) ingredient.

According to Kendall Johnson, head of product for Biossance, “Ectoin is a powerful stress-protection molecule that prevents cell damage and inflammation caused by external aggressors.” It works, she says, by drawing in water and preventing something called “trans-epidermal water loss”; it also helps to reduce skin irritation by strengthening the delicate moisture barrier that experiences stress from environmental stressors, lack of sleep, etc.

And, it can be found in Biossance’s newest launch: Squalane + Ectoin Overnight Rescue. According to Johnson, this restorative night cream utilizes ectoin, as well as peptides, magnesium and squalane, to replenish and regulate the moisture barrier to strengthen skin’s self- defense capabilities to help repair stressed, overworked skin. “Squalane + Ectoin Overnight Rescue is intended to be used in your nighttime routine, after eye cream and serum. Consider this your moisturizer step,” she explains. “Because of its advanced repair properties, this works well after alphahydroxy acid products, including peels and retinols. Plus, it’s good for any and all skin types.”

Overnight, she adds, is a critical phase for skincare, because “our skin is in its highest level of repair during the night while we sleep.”

Studies, including a 28-day clinical test with instrumental and subjective evaluations, have yielded stellar results:

  • 24-hour hydration: 95 per cent agree skin felt hydrated after one use
  • Overnight barrier repair: Participants showed clinical improvement in skin barrier function by 20 per cent after one use
  • Redness relief: 97 per cent agree skin was less irritated and dry

“This is Biossance’s first dedicated night treatment moisturizer and has an innovative and luxurious application giving it a point of difference compared to other moisturizers in Biossance’s lineup,” Johnson says. “It is also the first fully copper package. In fact, once the Squalane + Ectoin Overnight Rescue is used up, the jar can be used as a new vase home for a plant, or a new DIY candle jar!” —Vita Daily


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