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The Mom Flow: The Life-Changing Rule I’m Following (+ Rethinking Mom Ick)

January 21, 2024

Welcome to VITA x The Mom FlowErin Sousa‘s smart, funny and, most importantly, REAL weekly column on all things parenting. In Erin’s own words, the Mom Flow is “a place for working moms who love being a mom and also love being themselves. Work from home moms, moms who work out of the home, business owner moms, and even women who aren’t moms but are maybe mom curious!” —Vita Daily

The one minute rule: I heard about this via Helena and it’s been immensely helpful in just avoiding things piling up. I’ve recognized that I can be quite the procrastinator for both little and big things. The little things then start to turn into big things in my mind, and I put them off even more. The one minute rule is a system that says if it will only take one minute to do, then just do it immediately. An email you read and respond to in 30 seconds. Cleaning up the counter clutter that would stress you out. I could go on. Try it and let me know how it makes you feel!

Meal prep hack: As you may have heard, I’m working hard on my wellness and a big part of that is making sure my food is streamlined, making it easy to make better choices all week. I love looking ahead to my week starting on Monday and deciding what’s for dinner for a few nights a week, at least. I make this easy by prepping a protein like chicken in a large quantity that I can place into many different uses. This week it was a greek style chicken and it was used for greek bowls, salad and wraps. Maybe this isn’t groundbreaking, but a good reminder that meal prep doesn’t have to be super overwhelming to be helpful to making your week more manageable.

Re-thinking my mom ick: I’ve said in past newsletters that my parenting ick is playing with my daughter. Look, I can admit I am NOT the best at it and dad is much better at keeping her entertained, while I thrive in different roles. That was turned on its head recently as I step more into slowing down and being in the moment. I decided to spend a whole afternoon exploring new toys with Lola and let me tell you how heart filling it was! She kept saying how much fun she was having and how much “I love playing with you, mama!” and omg I died. She wants me to play with her and seemed to be really craving it – I’m going to do it more often because it was so so good for both of us to connect with play.

A few things I’m loving: ALL BEAUTY EDITION:

  • I loooove Dae Shampoo and recently got their hair mask. It made my hair so soft and smooth – it’s gonna be a new fave!
  • My fave lipgloss I reach for daily – Oat and Pistachio are my go-tos.
  • I just bought this eye shadow palette bc I want to play with a little sparkle!

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