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5 Tips To Inspire Remote Work Wanderlust

January 24, 2024

Switching it up from winter to warm weather can be vital to our overall well-being. Especially in this chilly quarter of the year, a sunny change of scenery promises an inspiring perspective shift. There’s just one problem – we only get so many vacation days each year. For those of us who are lucky enough to work remotely, dare to book a dreamy trip for two with that trusty work laptop. Our five tips to send emails from paradise inspire those working with wanderlust to embrace the power of the virtual background. —Julia Dumbrell

Consider the Time Zone: Vancouverites, conveniently fly just a few hours away to enjoy a Pacific Time-Zone paradise like Palm Springs, California. Or find freedom across states like Florida, as Toronto travellers will enjoy the ease of escaping the city when visiting someplace on Eastern Time.

Accommodation is Key: Planning a trip with a dedicated work space will help establish the all-the-more important distinction between work and life. Ensuring that the hotel or rental has strong w-ifi and a desk or office space is an absolute must.

Wi-Fi Across the World: Experiencing a city through its internet cafes and community workspaces is truly authentic. As productivity meets relaxation, go ahead and send a few emails from the patio of the community’s coffee shop.

Maximize Lunch Breaks: When working remotely, those daily reminders to take a break are just as important. Mid-day check-ins to unwind by the pool or visit a nearby cafe will remind remote workers of the gratitude they have for their surroundings.

Experiences After Work: Trust that after-work time will be maximised during this remote work vacation. Whether it’s tickets to the theatre or a reservation at a local restaurant, enjoy the benefits outside of work, abroad.


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