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4 Revolutionary Skincare Products

January 25, 2024

While everything in our lives seems to be going high tech, now so are the treatments for our skin. From innovative ingredients to forward-thinking gizmos, beauty trendsetters are singing the praises of these groundbreaking techniques. Here we break down four of the latest and greatest. —Jennifer Cox


  • Definition: Bioactive substances involved in cellular activities of the skin that are rich in proteins, nucleic acids, and other bioactive molecules.
  • What that really means: These little miracle workers actually mimic natural rejuvenation messages of very young skin.
  • How they use it: Exosome therapy is used after certain treatments that involve lasers or microneedling and is applied in the form of what looks and feels like a serum or gel. In addition to reducing burning or redness after such treatments, it also speeds up the healing process by as much as 50 to 60 per cent.
  • Try: ELEVAI enfinity Daily Exosome Serum ($425, available at Evolve Medical) is a serum for at-home daily use that is formulated with an effective blend of ELEVAI Exosomes, powerful peptides, and high-quality skincare ingredients to help skin look and feel healthier.


  • Definition: The process of applying a protective product to the skin and leaving it on overnight. 
  • What that really means: If you suffer from dry, irritated skin, you should apply a slugging agent after moisturizing to lock in the hydration.
  • How they use it: In its simplest form, you can use petroleum jelly like Vaseline for slugging. You can also use anything that says it has a moisture barrier.
  • Try: The Futurewise Slug Balm Moisture-Locking Occlusive from Anthropologie ($26) is a silky, non-sticky jelly balm made up of a plant-derived, lightweight formula that melts into the skin, creating a cocoon-like environment for your skin to repair itself.

LED Masks

  • Definition: A process that uses LED light to promote collagen production and combat bacteria that causes acne.
  • What that really means: The effects of LED light can make skin smoother, better hydrated, softer, and clearer in general.
  • How they use it: It is recommended that you do three to four sessions a week for up to 20 minutes at a time. Effects should start to show in just a few weeks.
  • Try: The LUX Skin LED Facial Mask ($59) offers medical-grade LED light therapy that penetrates into the skin layers and targets skin issues at a cellular level. The mask has three modes (blue, red, and yellow LED light), and each light penetrates the skin at a different wavelength, which helps with different skin issues.

Microcurrent Devices

  • Definition: A device in which electrical currents are delivered to the muscles and skin cells of the face.
  • What that really means: These handy devices use electric currents to build up muscles in the face, which helps to tighten and lift the skin. Some even say they help stimulate collagen production too.
  • How they use it: You can purchase microcurrent devices online or at makeup and beauty stores. Some are manual (in that they have rollers) and others have a power source. It’s one of the most recommended skincare gadgets of 2024 by dermatologists and beauty bloggers alike.
  • Try: The NuFACE Mini+ Starter Kit ($340, available at Sephora Canada) reaches three depths of skin and muscle to tighten skin and give you the look of long-lasting facial contour and tone over time.


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